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Ancient World

A Bundle for the Romance of Ruins

Every civilization is built upon the bones of the last - the remnants of which remain scattered, holding on through years of abandonment and unconscious reverence alike.

Lingering Memory

Stone, Bone, Blood, and Bronze - power lingers in the remnants of life, both living and carved out of the earth. Nephrite, Malachite, Copper - passed down in keepsakes, antiques, and inheritance, holding still the memories of family and home.

Fossilized Power

Arcana - the very weave of external magic, molded and shaped by mages and scholars. Most arcane energy is loose, found among the weave that melds with the material plane. Some, however, coalesces into the stone and earth, holding the memory of spells long forgotten.

Combine 5 or more sets and save an additional 15%. Limit of 2 for each set.