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Clerics: A Bundle for Healers and Holy Warriors

Clerics are a mainstay of Dungeons and Dragons, wielding holy power granted by their devotion to their gods. These powerful healers and spellcasters are as varied as the gods that they serve - from devious scoundrels to blissful martyrs - but almost all are concerned with the delicate interplay between good, evil, and the forces that are inexorably linked among them.

Instruments of Fate

Any good cleric wields with pride their instruments of fate - usually a symbol of their god, a holy weapon, or some kind of blessed item. In this case - lots of dice!

Clerical Vestments

Clerics can often be quickly identified by the ceremonial garb that they don so as to represent their order and their love for their deity. This bundle includes with a shirt, ring, and mug - so that you can properly announce your love of Dungeons and Dragons, as well as your likely status as the healer of the party.

Prayer Book

Each morning, a cleric prays to their god for strength and magic, to be used in their holy name. These prayers may be impromptu, but many value the order and structure that prayer books, filled with psalms and notes on theology, provide. The one this bundle provides is empty to start with, but its waiting to be filled with the records of your character’s journey.