Acrylic & Resin Dice Sets

With one of the largest selections of dnd dice sets - We're certain you will find the perfect unique d&d dice set for any collection! Browse our collections of plastic gaming dice here! Complete with multicolored dice, transparent polyhedral dice and unique styles perfect for dungeons and dragons and other tabletop

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            If you’re looking for a good, versatile, set of DND Dice, Acrylic or Resin is a great way to go.  They’re both low-cost, roll well, and hold up for years upon years, as well as coming in a broad variety of colors and styles. They’re commonly used for board games as well, but as far as tabletop and rpg dice go, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more popular option than an acrylic set. 

            Passing time between quests and adventures can often be boring for the professional mercenary. Taverns attempt to provide some entertainment in the form of bards and troubadours, but the quality can be far from exemplary. Gambling, rolling dice and playing cards, are popular pastimes for mercenaries and traveling adventurers, both to kill time and make a little coin. There are establishments strictly for gambling, of course, but those watch for loaded dice and decks. In the dark corners of crowded taverns, being good at cheating is considered just as much a valid part of the game as any other aspect - may the best cheater win, as they say. Still, a good set of dice goes a long way to winning any hand, and valuable sets are often put up for more high-stakes rounds. 

            RPG Dice Favorites

            Acrylic dice have probably the most common of rpg and dnd dice. And for good reason! As well as having a long history of use, acrylic sets are functional and fun, as well as well-balanced. They can almost be considered the standard dice of Dungeons and Dragons. 

            There can be some variety in quality - older sets may be of cheaper plastic, more likely to chip and fade, and particularly low-quality brands sometimes fill their dice with cork to lower costs. These damages can result in slightly unbalanced odds, and cork can settle oddly within them, with similar results. Still, old-fashioned sets have their nostalgic and aesthetic appeal, even if they’re better kept on the shelf than the table. 

            At D20 Collective, we pride ourselves on having high-quality, well-balanced dice, which result in fair rolls, and are suitable for real game use as well as display!

            Limitless Variety

            Resin dice are an excellent medium for a wide variety of colors, styles, and patterns of dice. Some options include:

            • Swirled Dice
            • Speckled Dice
            • Dotted Dice
            • Solid Color Dice
            • Striped Dice
            • Rainbow Dice
            • Glow-in-the-Dark Dice
            • Cloudy Dice
            • Layered Dice
            • Transparent Dice
            • Aged Dice

            And dozens of more varieties!

            There are also variable options in size, from jumbo, oversized dice, all the way down to miniature dice. 

            Character Sets

            The unending variety of acrylic dice make them a perfect option for finding a character set for your tabletop game. 

            No matter how crazy or unique your design, there’s bound to be a set or two that fit your or your players’ characters. Small dice for small characters, dark dice for the broody, angsty ones, glowy dice for the magical.

            And why stop at one set? Acrylic dice are low-cost, so you can make a whole palette or collection for your favorite characters, as they grow and evolve, or just to make extra, extra sure that they match.