DnD Dice Set Collections

D&D Dice that Won't Break the Bank!

Now, we're quite aware that not all dice are created equal - and the adage of "the dice giveth and the dice taketh away" is painfully true...and if you play Dungeons and Dragons, dice can make or break an entire campaign - and that is where we come in! No, not to break your campaign - but to provide you with a variety of d&d dice sets made available to you - our natural 20s!

With our large selection of dnd dice sets - ranging from plastic dice, metal dice and a plethora of other polyhedral dice sets. We're certain you will find the perfect d&d dice set for any collection!

We are here to make sure that you get your best bang for your buck. Producing quality dice that range from a wide array of styles, colors and designs. At a price that won't break your coin pouch! We won't rest until you've gotten the dice you want in your hand and are able to roll them out. Whether you're a wizard who casts fireballs looking to compliment your  roll-a-die arsenal. Or perhaps you're a druid and you're feeling a little Lucid. There's a dice set for everyone. 

Choosing the Perfect Set of DnD Dice

Dice are a necessary tool for nearly all table top role playing games. But more importantly - they are an extension of the player! They genuinely are the Judge, Jury and Executioner of the game. The hand of fate. The guiding light to a players triumphant destiny...or their tragic fate.

Choosing the right dice is a matter of opinion, of course. Finding the right color, transparency, weight, size, or finish can be vitally important.

The D&D dice sets we have not only are backed with our guarantee, they can be a direct reflection of the character being played, making a personal statement about the player themselves.

What Our Polyhedral Dice Sets Include

Our 7 piece dice sets include one of each of the following:

  • 4 sided dice (d4) - The "caltrops" of dice, the d4 is notorious for not rolling well due to its shape. We recommend giving it more of a horizontal toss than a "roll" across a table.
  • 6 sided dice (d6) - These are the standard cube shaped dice when it comes to most games. 
  • 8 sided dice (d8) - Almost as bad the "caltrops" we mentioned above. But a little more forgiving when it comes to the roll.
  • 10 sided dice (d10) - A dice numbered 0 through 9. The 0 is typically counted as a 10, not a zero.
  • 10 sided percentile dice (d%) - Also sometimes called a d100, or the "tens" dice, the percentile dice is used in combination with the d10 to roll numbers between 1 and 100.
  • 12 sided dice (d12) - Often mistaken for a 20 Sided Die. Their facets are larger.
  • 20 sided dice (d20) - Of all the dice in a D&D dice set, the d20 is the most used and is also the most iconic.