Backpack of Holding

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The Backpack of Holding

Acquired by the most dedicated of adventurers is the Bag of Holding. Much like it's counterpart the Backpack of Holding can hold a substantial amount of gear! Place your armor, weapons, spell materials and a goblin if you want! (No don't do that.)  Just about anything you need will fit! We can't explain how much this thing can hold so we'll show you in a video! Able to fit multiple binders, dice bags, dice containers, pencils, pens and all your rule books if you need them. Once you start loading all this in there, you'll be certain it's larger on the inside than it appears.

Be the envy of your entire party when you stroll up carrying this Backpack of Holding.

...Just make sure to keep your eye on it in case any rogue tries to snatch it from you.


Approximate Size: 18x7x14 inches (45x17x35 cm)

Material: Durable Canvas

Number of Pockets: 8

Weight: 0.7 kg

NOTE: Currently they're in production and may take up to 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. Due to the weight of the bag - these ship via Priority Postage. So the moment they've finished being crafted they'll be sent.