Tiger's Eye Gemstone Dice Set by Norse Foundry - DnD Dice - Tabletop Game Dice


When traveling through a dungeon crawl adventurers are in need of an item that gives them a tangible advantage. Something truly special that isn’t just another sword or axe, something rarer and more powerful than anything found in your local smiths’ inventory. These dice, made of gemstones are a wondrous item that fulfills that quest. Each set is unique, no two alike. These dice gear up your character to defeat the beastly orc hordes ahead. You need these dice in your inventory to ensure that your character will always be at its best!

All gemstone dice are real precious stones with numbers sandblasted onto the stone. All gemstones can crack, chip and break like any real stone. We highly recommend using extreme care when rolling, storing and overall use to preserve the integrity of the stone and the numbers sand blasted onto the stone. These dice are absolutely gorgeous and we have lots of fun rolling them however like any piece of jewelry they do require care during use and storage. Due to the hand carving and by hand sand blasting nature of this product please allow for minor variances on shape and number placement. This can also cause slight changes in size and structure. Though they're usually carved to the best of ability to a polyhedral set.