Mini Dice Sets

Sometimes, bigger isn’t necessarily better. Some of the most popular options for DND Dice include miniature dice - tiny polyhedral shapes (usually around 5mm) that are as adorable as they are useful and fun.


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    Good Things Come in Small Packages

    It’s just as the old saying goes - good things really do come in small packages. And they really don’t get much smaller than miniature dice. These micro rollers are a player favorite for tabletop games of all kinds, both for their adorable size and their awesome appearance. While they may only be a few milimeters tall, they’re well balanced and perfectly readable - completely allowable for your campaign and real-life rpg play. 

    Miniature Dice also make for a great present or special occasion set - much like other more exotic dice options. They’ll certainly stand out from your collection!

    Lots of Variety

    Some options for your miniature dice, available here and elsewhere, include:

    • Acrylic Mini Dice
    • Metal Mini Dice
    • Colored Mini Dice
    • Transparent Mini Dice
    • Solid Mini Dice
    • Sparkly Mini Dice
    • and  more!

    Basically, provided you don’t need too much detail, you can get almost as much variety as a set of regular dice, just in miniature!

    Because of this, tiny dice are perfect for character dice. Not only can you get the look and the colors that you need to really embody your Tiefling Monk, but these little guys are small enough to perfectly match the small races. Pink-themed Halfling Barbarian? Purple Goblin Wizard? These micro dice are the perfect fit!

    Ease of Storage

    Due to their size, mini dice are easy to store and carry. They make amazing travel dice (just in case a random game of Dungeons and Dragons breaks out in the office or your school), and can fit in your pocket, your purse, or even your keychain if you have a holder. I’ve even seen people carry adorable miniature dice pouches, made from good leather (and less expensive because of their size) to keep their mini dice safe. 

    But you don’t need anything so fancy as that to keep track of your mini dice. These little guys are small enough to even fit in a folder or a binder pocket, without tearing or causing a problem! And that way, you can keep your character sheet and character dice together.

    The world is daunting enough for humans, orcs, and elves, filled as it is with giants and dragons, and various creatures that could crush you beneath their heel without even noticing. For the small races - halflings, gnomes, and goblins - it can be even scarier. Many of these races have learned to protect themselves from the “big-folk” by developing isolated cultures, and keeping themselves apart from normal-sized civilization. Small races in the lands of humans, elves, and even dwarves, are rare, and bing-folk are often oblivious to the complicated relationships between the small-folk. The intense rivalries between these people are obvious to anyone who has made the mistake of misidentifying one for another - and yet, they stand united against the larger peoples. There are few forces so powerful as the determination of the small-folk together.