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      Cherry Blossom - Mini Plastic 10mm Dice Set

      These pixie-sized dice are filled with the delicate beauty of a cherry blossom, and are especially well liked among the smaller races, who appreciate something a little closer to their own size.

      Carnival Clouds - Mini Plastic 10mm Dice Set

      Have you ever been to a Gnomish carnival? These dice are filled with the mischief and fun that define the raucous merriment and laughter you'll find there, all in an appropriately miniature scale.

      Fire in a Bottle - 3 Set Mini Dice Jar

      "Step right up! For a mere 3 gold, you too can be the proud wielder of your very own flask of Alchemist's Fire! That's a blaze right in your bottle, a wildfire in your hands! At a mere 3 gold, this is practically a steal!"

      Polar Depth - Mini Plastic 10mm Dice Set

      Fire and fury are no match for these little snowballs - dice which embody the chilling gale almost as well as they fit in the palm of anyone's hand, down to the smallest Halfling.

      Arctic Steel - Mini Plastic 10mm Dice Set

      A well-made dagger doesn't need to be huge to do damage, just like these compact dice don't need to be massive to pack a full punch, tempered well into cold, sharpened steel.

      Viridian Sea - Mini Plastic 10mm Dice Set

      While small, these miniature dice hold the full force of the ocean within them, well loved by river sprites and still-water fey of all kinds.

      Burning Ember - Mini Plastic 10mm Dice Set

      Just like a firey ember, these little dice can create a mighty blaze, tearing down odds the size of mountains.