Pastel Dice

Spring has sprung, roll initiative with some Pastel Dice!

Like bright colors but don't want them to be too jarring? Then these are the dice for you! 

These dice keep their color but are not as vibrant as other dice. Some are more vibrant than others, but all keep the same pastel feel. Some may have a glittery/glimmery effect, others may be transparent, and some may just be a solid color dice set. All that matters is how easy the color is on the eyes. Perfect examples of pastel dice include Pastel Perfection, Lucky Find, and the Ascending Dice.

Criteria to be considered a part of our Pastel Dice collection:

  • No Black or Solid White. A white swirl is allowed. 
  • No vivid/vibrant/neon colors.
  • It must be easy on the eyes.
  • Must be able to look good in a springtime photo.
  • Must be approved by our Sylvan staff before submitted to the collection.

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