Arcanist's Leather Journal - DnD Notepad

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The Arcanist's Leather Journal is a portable, rugged leather notebook filled with  pages to help you play or run your DnD or RPG games successfully.

  • Durable leather journal that is crafted to survive many epic adventures. 
  • Perfect size for your gaming sessions allowing ease of travel and gaming
  • The strong leather cover protects your sheets from tearing, arcane fireballs. 
  • The inner pages are designed to streamline your games so you can spend more time adventuring and less time looking up information or printing resources.

About the Arcanist's Leather Journal:

  • Leather Journal Cover
  • Notes Pages for Session, NPCs, Locations and Organizations.
  • Etched Leather Cover with Embossed Moon Blue Stone Leather Bound
  • Antiqued brass swing clasp.
  • 5.5" wide x 7" tall x 1.5" deep
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You can’t always rely on looting the body!

Even if you aren’t playing D&D (maybe you prefer Pathfinder, Fate, Mutants and Masterminds, or any other ttrpg),whether you’re kitting yourself out or looking to reward some of your players, we at the D20 Collective hope that you find everything that you need here. The tools, accessories, and apparel that we offer are all top quality, and worth spending a little bit of your hard-earned gold.

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