Barter Tokens Metal Coins Embedded Candle by Calliope Candleworks

Each of the Coins of the Forge candles represents a different genre of board game. Light a candle while you play and add another layer to your game with an evocative scent. 

Barter Tokens is a zombie themed candle with a fragrance of rose with earthy notes - because everyone knows Zombies are a little insecure about their body odor. Plus - "rotten flesh and nostril death" wouldn't be the ideal scent you'd want around the gaming table.

These candles also have a hidden treasure: five themed metal coins from Norse Foundry! You will find five beautifully crafted themed coins embedded in the wax, emerging after several hours of burn time.

Each candle is 8oz and has about 50 hours of burn time. We use 100% soy wax and cotton wicks. The labels are Calliope Candleworks originals, with artwork by Satine Phoenix and typesetting by Robert J. Peterson.

NOTE: We can only ship domestic (within the US) for these.