Fire in a Bottle - 3 Set Mini Dice Jar

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This jar of dice contains 3 beautiful sets of plastic polyhedral dice in an assortment of red, yellow and orange. (See them in the images!) It makes a perfect gift being plastic dnd dice sets are quite durable. The Jar itself is made out of a durable glass to prevent breakage during shipment.

About This Jar of Dice

Medium weight (not too heavy not too light!)

✔ These dice do not front
✔ Might save your group from a TPK

Trust us you're going to love these dice. How do we know? Well, we don't...but so far everyone else has - so who are we to question that?

We're also willing to wager you're looking at these because you may be interested d&d dice sets...maybe...

This jar of dice comes with THREE 10mm sets of dnd dice with the following: 

D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, D4 and Percentile.

Dice Set Shipping Info:

Please allow 2-3 business days for order processing - with typically 1-2 weeks for delivery from the time of purchase. All orders are shipped USPS with tracking numbers, so you'll be kept in the loop!

There may be times when sets of d&d dice are on backorder - which may increase the delivery time to 3-4 weeks. But this will not be common.