Fireballs - Car Seat Covers (Set of 2)

Covering your car, truck, or SUV's seats can keep your interior looking new for resale, cover existing damage, or even personalize your interior to suit your taste and interest. 

Seat covers can protect your seats from UV rays, spills, kids, pets, familiars, total party kills, the drunk dwarf, food, sweat, and that blood stained rogue who swears they didn't do anything. 

Seat covers can also increase comfort - with added padding, and insulation from cold/heat.

Constructed with high quality polyester micro-fiber fabric for maximum durability and comfort.

Add style to your seats while protecting them from spills, stains, tearing, fading and more.

Designed for quick and easy installation on most car and SUV bucket style seats - no tools required.

Elastic backing and fastening system ensures a snug and secure universal fit on most standard car and SUV seats.

NOTE: This will not fit your carseat if you have any of the following.

1) You have integrated airbags
2) You have integrated seatbelts
3) You have attached armrests
4) You have over sized seats in a very large truck.