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Enchanting magic is a difficult process to streamline, the results of a spell or an artificer more likely to produce a singular enchantment than the capacity to create more. Very rarely, though, one can find a small box, tube, or quiver which enchants wherever enters or passes through it. 

These valuable items are usually carved from inherently magical materials - an ancient arcane tree, a blessed stone, or the skin of a celestial beast. As such, they are difficult to obtain, but can change the tide of many battles. 

One such item, a mysterious wooden structure, is said to bless the items that are dropped through its interior, altering their fate altogether. 

These wooden dice towers, engraved with the D20 Collective logo, begin as a compact rectangle but are easily levered open to form a small dice tower with a catching pen. The vertical rolling tower can be easily pressed back and forth between positions for use and storage, each position held firmly in place with magnets.

DnD Dice Sets


You can’t always rely on looting the body!

Even if you aren’t playing D&D (maybe you prefer Pathfinder, Fate, Mutants and Masterminds, or any other ttrpg),whether you’re kitting yourself out or looking to reward some of your players, we at the D20 Collective hope that you find everything that you need here. The tools, accessories, and apparel that we offer are all top quality, and worth spending a little bit of your hard-earned gold.

Always be equipped for your adventures, and ensure that you don’t head into the dungeons under prepared.


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