Spellbook Gaming Kits - Elegant Series

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The Storage You Never Knew You Wanted...

Spellbooks are bespoke, hand-finished gaming boxes designed to feel just like arcane tomes.

Each Spellbook is cut from a single block of hardwood and includes a polished metal reflecting pool in the cover that doubles as a dry-erase board.

An array of removable foam inserts further allows them to meet any gaming need.

Looking to make a statement? This is it.

Completely Customizable...

When you purchase a Spellbook Gaming Kit. You're not just purchasing a dice container.

You're purchasing a previously untouched kit where only your hands will be the one to touch it first.

Go ahead, take a chance and customize yours!




NOTE: Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery as these are custom made for you.

Here Are the Design Options Available

Here Are the Available Foam Insert Options

Here are the Leather Options Available!


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