Whistler Ravenkind Medium Armor 28mm Miniature by Adventurers & Adversaries

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Bring character to your character. Adventurers & Adversaries is a range of high quality 28mm customizable resin miniatures for all your RPG needs. Each miniature has a wide variety of options for you to customize and make your miniature truly your own!

Whistler, the medium armored Ravenkind features a full range of arm options including lute, hand crossbow, rapier, dagger, staff, bow and right and left armed fist.

Proudly Made in the USA. Miniatures sold unpainted and require assembly.

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You can’t always rely on looting the body!

Even if you aren’t playing D&D (maybe you prefer Pathfinder, Fate, Mutants and Masterminds, or any other ttrpg),whether you’re kitting yourself out or looking to reward some of your players, we at the D20 Collective hope that you find everything that you need here. The tools, accessories, and apparel that we offer are all top quality, and worth spending a little bit of your hard-earned gold.

Always be equipped for your adventures, and ensure that you don’t head into the dungeons under prepared.


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