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Kit yourself out with the DND Dice that you’ll need to find your fate, from a wide selection of acrylic, metal, wood, and other exotic options. All of these options come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. You can get a set (or five!) to match your latest character, or simply expand your collection - you can never have too many dice! We also offer Dice Subscription Boxes of various types and amounts, from which you can receive personalized, hand-picked sets regularly. These boxes are available for both acrylic and metal sets, and can be customized to receive the number of sets that you desire.


12 Days of Critmas Sale

Every year (since 2020, lol) we gather round the hearth and create the most epic sales for our most beloved adventurers. Starting on the 1st of December and continuing for 12 days, we will release a new sale for you to indulge. Each day will bring new products and discounts, so stay tuned.

Inventory is extremely limited this year my friends, so shop now while supplies last.

Happy Hunting.


New Bundles - Save Big!

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Goblin's Stash - 20x 7 Piece Sets + Dice Bag
Goblin's Stash - 20x 7 Piece Sets + Dice Bag
Sale price$69.95 Regular price$127.75
In stock
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Save 32%
Dragon's Hoard - 10x 7 Piece Sets + Dice Bag
Dragon's Hoard - 10x 7 Piece Sets + Dice Bag
Sale price$49.95 Regular price$73.85
In stock
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Save 20%
Traveler's Bundle - 14pc Set + Dice Bag + Dice Tower
Traveler's Bundle - 14pc Set + Dice Bag + Dice Tower
Sale price$63.95 Regular price$79.85
In stock
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Save 20%
Wanderer's Bundle - 14pc Set + Dice Bag
Wanderer's Bundle - 14pc Set + Dice Bag
Sale price$39.95 Regular price$49.90
In stock
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Resin & Acrylic Dice

Welcome Back Traveler

Stay equipped. We stock all of the finest wares for any quest or campaign. Metal, Wood, Gemstone & more are all available from our shop.

Forged from the finest materials. Tuned for balance & fairness.



Dice may be the only accessory necessary for gameplay, but there are a ton of options for making your session more exciting. Our Gaming Accessories include dice bags, boxes, trays, and towers for holding and rolling your dice, once you’ve started your collection. As well as dice-paraphernalia, we also offer adventure coins for props, prizes, and keeping track of inspiration. Mugs are also available - so you can keep your whole party hydrated and caffeinated for the entirety of the session. Any of these make great gifts as well as props for your rpg gaming!

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