May Gaming Convention Calendar 2022

Here are the gaming conventions going on the May!


RPGCON: Huntsville, AL May 20-22

KublaCon Game Convention: Burlingame, CA May 27-30

Gamex: Los Angeles, CA May 27-30

Pacificon: San Diego, CA May 6-8

Fanime: San Jose, CA May 27-30

Furry Weekend Atlanta: Norcross, GA May 5-8

Heroicon: Decatur, IL May 6-8

Protospiel Indy: Noblesville, IN May 20-22

30th Motor City Comic Con: Novi, MI May 13-15

ConQuest: Kansas City, MO May 27-29

Geekway to the West: St. Louis, MO May 12-15

Miscon 33: Missoula, MT May 27-30

ReCon Board Game Convention: Kernersville, NC May 28-30

CoreCon 11: Fargo, ND May 26-29

Enfilade!: Olympia, NJ May 27-30

MARcon: Columbus, OH May 6-8

WagonCon: The Dalles, OR May 6-8

S’mores and Meeples Board Game Camp: Coatesville, PA May 6-8

Rocky Top Game Con: Knoxville, TN May 27-29

BGG.Spring: Dallas, TX May 27-30

ChupacabraCon Gaming Convention: Round Rock, TX May 6-8

Richmond Open: Richmond, VA May 27-29

Strong Tower Mini Convention: West Bend, WI May 14

Have we missed a convention that you know about? Let us know!

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