A banner image of the logo for Project Black Flag, a silhouette of a kobold in armor holding a pickaxe on a black flag, next to the words "Project Black Flag" in stylized font

Kobold Press’ Project Black Flag Available for First Round of Playtesting

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
This week, Project Black Flag has entered the first stage of playtesting, with its rules being made available on the Kobold Press Website.   Who is...
A cover logo for use on DnD Homebrew. It looks like a red burst of flame, with the words "DnD Homebrew" in white on top of it. The 'N' in DnD is replaced by the outline of a D20

6 Fantastic Resources for Creating a Great-Looking Homebrew Document

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
If you’ve been DMing for a while, chances are that you’ve put some work into creating custom monsters, classes, items, locations, and more for your...

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