An illustration of a hag, an old woman with white hair, warts, and simple clothes, looking over her should in a misty forest. Next to her are the words "Creature Feature: Hags"

Creature Feature: Hags

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Dungeons and Dragons has no dearth of powerful and vicious villains, various factions who wish to promote both themselves and evil in the same brea...
A black and white illustration from Dragon Magazine of a Song dragon. It shows a small dragon curled around a woman's face. Next to that, in purple, are the words "Song Dragons" in cursive font

Creature Feature: Song Dragon

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
What would Dungeons and Dragons be without dragons? Just dungeons, that’s what! While most dragons in DnD can be divided into chromatic and metalli...
An illustration of a planetar, a bald man with green skin, white wings, and a sword and simple skirt. Next to him are the words "Creature Feature: Planetar"

Creature Feature: Planetar

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Excitement for the new Planescape supplements – inspired by both the beloved videogame of the same name and the extensive lore surrounding the mult...
An illustration of a flumph wearing a pirate hat. Next to it are the words "Creature Feature: Flumphs", with "Flumphs" in blue font

Creature Feature: Flumphs, their History, and How to Include Them in Campaigns

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Among Dungeons and Dragons’ roster of mighty dragons, beasts, and foes sits, quietly, the humble Flumph. This goofy-looking creature is practically...
An illustration of a bulette leaping from the earth toward a humanoid figure lying prone on the ground

Creature Feature: Bulettes, their History, and How to Include Them in Campaigns

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
One of the biggest draws to Dungeons and Dragons is the side array of monsters and creatures that you can use in the game. Some are adaptations of ...

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