The article title for "Looking for Work, Chummer?" showing the title in tilted block font

Reading Dragon: “Lookin’ for Work, Chummer?”

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
For obvious reasons, most of the content found in Dragon Magazine is for Dungeons and Dragons. But that doesn’t mean that no other games are ever d...
The title from the article illustration from 'spells between the covers', which shows the title of the article in white font against a black background, and the edge of a window, vase, skull, and candle beneath it

Reading Dragon: Spells Between the Covers

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
In February 1984, TSR published Issue #82 of Dragon Magazine, it’s official publication for supplementary materials, commentary, and community enga...
An illustration of a hag, an old woman with white hair, warts, and simple clothes, looking over her should in a misty forest. Next to her are the words "Creature Feature: Hags"

Creature Feature: Hags

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Dungeons and Dragons has no dearth of powerful and vicious villains, various factions who wish to promote both themselves and evil in the same brea...
A section of the title image from the artile "The Right Monster for the Right Adventure"

Reading Dragon: A Look Back at ‘The Right Monster for the Right Adventure’

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Since Dragon Magazine was published by TSR, it’s unsurprising that most of the articles featured in it are about Dungeons and Dragons. But that do...
A black and white illustration from Dragon Magazine of a Song dragon. It shows a small dragon curled around a woman's face. Next to that, in purple, are the words "Song Dragons" in cursive font

Creature Feature: Song Dragon

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
What would Dungeons and Dragons be without dragons? Just dungeons, that’s what! While most dragons in DnD can be divided into chromatic and metalli...
An illustration of a gargoyl in dark colors against a dark sky, with the words "Things that Go Bump in the Night" in small white font next to it

Reading Dragon: A Look Back at ‘Things That Go Bump In The Night’

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
When you go looking for something fun to run for your Halloween D&D session, you haven’t much further to look than Ravenloft. The Domains of T...
The words "Welcome to HADES" in white text on top of a black background

Reading Dragon: A Look Back at ‘Welcome to Hades’

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
As discussed in the last installment of ‘Reading Dragon’, Dungeons and Dragons has a well-established canon of evil realms associated with the afte...
The title from the cover art from 'Nine Hells Revisited" It shows the Title above the words "More 'facts' about devildom" in white against a black and white illustration of a dark sky and mountains

Reading Dragon: A Look Back at ‘Nine Hells Revisited’

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
One core aspect of the Forgotten Realms is the Nine Hells – layered domains of lawful-evil lords and their underlings, filled to the brim with dar...
A black and white silhouette of a man, facing away from the viewer, dripping a bottle of something onto a dagger. Behind him is a skull, with two swords crossed behind it. Next to the illustration are the words "Taking the sting out of poison"

Reading Dragon: A Look Back at ‘Taking the Sting Out of Poison’

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
In the long history of Dragon Magazine, there have been hundreds of issues, which in turn contained dozens of articles, and plenty of useful advic...
The title are for Dragon Dweomers. The first word is in gold, while the second is in black, and curving dramatically.

Reading Dragon: A Look Back at Dragon Dweomers

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
In 1995, TSR published edition #218 of Dragon Magazine. In it were a variety of fantastic articles on Dungeons and Dragons, as well as various oth...
A black and white illustration of an orc in armor and claok polishing a sword next to a stack of supplies and a training dummy with a helmet on it. Next to the image are the words "You again! Enemies who never go away - and how to create them"

Reading Dragon: A Look Back at ‘You Again! Enemies Who Never Go Away – and How to Create Them’

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
TSR’s Dragon Magazine, over the years, proposed and developed a variety of classes, monsters, gods, and characters for Dungeons and Dragons. It als...

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