Cover art of Ham's Sandwich Shop, showing a cute yellow hamster sitting in the middle of a sandwich

Cooking up Cuteness: A Review of Ham’s Sandwich Shop

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Everyone should have a dream. Sometimes those dreams require a little help, though. Especially if you’re a hamster who dreams of opening your very ...
A photo of a person holding a hand of cards, shot from behind. You can see the curve of the person's chin, their shoulder, and a number of colorful cards spread out in their hand

Gaming Convention Calendar December 2023

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Here are the gaming conventions going on in December!   Alabama n/a Alaska n/a Arizona n/a Arkansas n/a California n/a Colorado n/a Connecticut n/...
A photo of a number of meeples standing on a white surface. Several blue meeples are standing in a spread formation behind a single red meeple

Gaming Convention Calendar November 2023

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Here are the gaming conventions going on in November!   Alabama n/a Alaska n/a Arizona Meeplefest: Mesa, Nov 10-12 Arkansas TableCon: Springdale, ...
A photo of a hand tossing and catching several dice against a black background. next to it are the words "Simpel VTTS"

3 Online VTTs for Running Fate (or similar TTRPGs)

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
It’s undeniable: tabletop RPGs exploded during the Covid lockdowns. And while the games became more and more popular, they also became somewhat mor...
A banner from the Kickstarter for Pasion de las Pasiones. It shows the core book for the game, with a photo of a man and woman dramatically embracing, next to the name of the game against an orange background

The Young and the Beautiful: Pasion de las Pasiones, a telenovela TTRPG

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Have you ever wanted to be the star of your own television show? To find true love in the most unlikely of places? To prove yourself worthy of ador...
An illustration of several cartoon monsters of various colors and shapes in front of a orange backgrounds. In front of them are the words "Fatal Familiar"

Figments of Pure Imagination: Fatal Familiar, A Monster Collecting RPG

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
This past weekend, my family and I had the absolute pleasure of attending CritHit AZ: Year Zero. Not quite a con, the tabletop gaming retreat featu...
Part of a cover of a Mutants and Masterminds book, showing the title of the game in block letters, with the arms of superheros behind them

4 Mutants and Masterminds Character Builders

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Mutants and Masterminds (MnM) is a hugely popular superhero TTRPG where players create superpowered characters and fight various threats to humanit...
A photograph of a hand throwing up a large black die against a blue-lit background

July 2023 Convention Calendar

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Here are the gaming conventions going on in July!   Alabama Play on Con: Birmingham, Jul 6-9 Alaska n/a Arizona CritHit: Mesa, Jul 15-16 Arkansas ...
A photo of 4 lettered dice, spelling out "LGBT" on top of colorful zigzag stripes

4 LGBT+ Focused TTRPGs to Try Out this Pride Month

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
It’s pride month this June. A month for celebrating personal autonomy, identity, and endurance in the face of persecution. It’s no surprise that a ...
THe kickstarter banner for Raccoon Sky Pirates. It shows a black and white illustration of a raccoon leaping away from a rock toward a space ship of some kind

Trashing the Neighborhood: A Review of Raccoon Sky Pirates, a miniature TTRPG

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
When you think about playing tabletop RPGs, the first thought that you have is generally about the epic-scale adventures of heroes: science fiction...
A photograph of a boardgame set up on a table. Several small green meeples are stood on the middle of a board, with a small stack of round cardboard tokens and a tupperware container near them

May 2023 Gaming Convention Calendar

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Here are the gaming conventions going on in May!   Alabama n/a Alaska n/a Arizona  n/a Arkansas  n/a California Pacificon: San Diego, May 6-8 Fani...
A section of the cover of boop, which shows a cartoon calico cat in a purple circle, against a black background with pawprints. The name of the game is written in purple bubble letters above the cat.

A Review of Boop, a Game of Herding Cats

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Have you ever heard the expression “it’s like herding cats”? It means that whatever task you’re undergoing is difficult, time-consuming, and frustr...

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