The article title for "Looking for Work, Chummer?" showing the title in tilted block font

Reading Dragon: “Lookin’ for Work, Chummer?”

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
For obvious reasons, most of the content found in Dragon Magazine is for Dungeons and Dragons. But that doesn’t mean that no other games are ever d...
A black and white silhouette of a man, facing away from the viewer, dripping a bottle of something onto a dagger. Behind him is a skull, with two swords crossed behind it. Next to the illustration are the words "Taking the sting out of poison"

Reading Dragon: A Look Back at ‘Taking the Sting Out of Poison’

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
In the long history of Dragon Magazine, there have been hundreds of issues, which in turn contained dozens of articles, and plenty of useful advic...
A section of the title image from '12 Secrets of Survival'. The words "survival, magic for the wilderness' are in front of an orange and yellow gradient background

Reading Dragon: A Look Back at ‘12 Secrets of Survival’

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
One of the original content resources for Dungeons and Dragons, TSR’s Dragon Magazine included a huge variety of articles, reviews, and rules for t...
The title from the dnd box art for the Dungeon and Dragons Animated series. The title is in antiquated font in white against a red background.

D&D The Animated Series: Fantasy, Fun, and Flat Colors

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
The most recent D&D release, Stormwreck Isle (a simple adventure with premade characters meant to introduce new players to the rules and gener...
The header from Dragon Magazine #132. it shows the word Dragon in large, red font in front on a yellow and blue sky, and a black bar beneath it with the word "Magazine" cut out from the bar in capitals

Dragon Magazine: A Brief History and Explanation

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
If you’ve played Dungeons and Dragons for a long time, chances are that you’ve already heard about Dragon Magazine. It’s possibly the best-known ro...

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