A black rectangle with a moon partially hidden by clouds. Next to it is the text "5 Free Halloween LARPs"

5 Spooky LARPs You Can Run for a Fantastic Halloween Live Action Role Play

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Halloween is the favorite holiday for a great number of tabletop gamers – the costumes, the fantasy, the fiction, it’s all part and parcel for TTRP...
A photo of an elaborate dagger and sheathe, which looks as though it was created for use in a fantasy setting

Types of Historical Daggers to Flavor Your Weapons and Equipment as in 5e DnD

5e dndMorgan Carpenter
Almost as long as humans have existed, we’ve had knives in some form or another. As a utility and as a weapon, daggers are one of the most prolific...
A photo of a large pile of wooden cubes, stacked against a white background

How to Make Cheap, Custom Dice (Without Resin)

diceMorgan Carpenter
Currently, one of the biggest trends in the craftier tabletop circles is custom dice making. The hobby (and profession) emerged with the rise of re...
A photo of a young child wearing a knight costume, as though he is LARPing. He holds a plastic sword and shield, and ears a chainmaille coiffe

6 Good Starter Tabletop RPGs for Kids

D&DMorgan Carpenter
Let’s face it – Dungeons and Dragons isn’t really a kids’ game. It can be played as such, of course. I myself started out at around 10 years old. A...
Who is Lucien, the Horizon Walker? - D20 Collective - Divinations form the Collective

Who is Lucien, the Horizon Walker?

MiscLucien Keyack

(Hint: It's me, the person who wrote this blog post)

You may have heard my name tossed around a bit here and there over the past few months, so I think it’s about time for a bit of an introduction. 

Kids Should Play D&D, Worry-Free! - D20 Collective - Divinations form the Collective

Kids Should Play D&D, Worry-Free!

Blog PostLucien Keyack
It came to my attention over the weekend that a teacher at a school in Wyoming wanted to start a D&D/board game club for the students at his school. We want to see the tabletop community grow and thrive, with new and young players welcomed with open arms. 

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