An illustration of a goliath, wearing piecemeal armor and carrying a large pack and sword. Next to him are the words "Stone Prestige Classes"

Stoney Prestige: 4 Prestige Classes from 'Races of Stone' to Update and Use in a 5e Campaign

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
There are a seemingly endless number of supplements out there for Dungeons and Dragons. Not just the new ones, but the old ones, too – the ones for...
A part of the cover of the Frostburn supplemental book. It shows the Dugneons and Dragons 3e logo, the name of the game wkth a sword between the words, and the title "Frostburn" beneath it

5 Winter-Themed Prestige Classes from Frostburn

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
While we’ve talked a bit about Icewind Dale, it’s not the only chilly locale in the Forgotten Realms. Frostburn, a supplementary sourcebook for DnD...
A black and white illustration of a drow in half plate armor holding a bow and a sword. Next to her are the words "Drow Prestige Classes"

4 Prestige Classes to Match a Drow Deity

D&DMorgan Carpenter
A couple of months ago, we went over the drow pantheon of Faerun – a collection of gods worshipped by those elves who dwell deep beneath the earth,...

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