The article title for "Looking for Work, Chummer?" showing the title in tilted block font

Reading Dragon: “Lookin’ for Work, Chummer?”

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
For obvious reasons, most of the content found in Dragon Magazine is for Dungeons and Dragons. But that doesn’t mean that no other games are ever d...
An image of the 2e Shadowrun logo, which looks like a skull with large curling horns, which loop around a blue banner. In front of both of these is the title "Shadowrun"

Tools for Running a Shadowrun Campaign/Oneshot

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
There are plenty of cyberpunk and futuristic TTRPGs out there if you go looking for them. Some of them even include magic, to make a science-fantas...
A banner that read "Anime for Shadowrun Players". To the right of the words is an image of a character from Bubblegum Crisis. She has brown hair, and is sitting on a red motorcycle

5 Anime Recommendations for Shadowrun Players

80sMorgan Carpenter
We talk a lot about Dungeons and Dragons here at D20Collective, but don’t think that we’ve forgotten all the other tabletop RPGs out there to play!...

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