A photo of the board game Horrified, slightly tilted against a white background. Next to it are the words  Horrified: A Board Game Review in purple font

The Stakes Have Been Raised: A Review of Horrified the Board Game

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
October has come around again, which means that it’s time to break out the monster movies. You might go in for more modern, truly terrifying horror...
A photograph of several cards with fantasy illustrations of various locations, monsters, and lanscapes. Each has a border and a title, as though they are for a board or a card game of unknown title and intent

October Gaming Convention Calendar 2022

boardgameMorgan Carpenter
  Here are the gaming conventions going on in October! Alabama n/a Alaska  n/a Arizona  n/a   Arkansas  n/a California CondorCon: San Diego, Oct 2...
An image of the title of the article 'Horses are People, Too', from Dragon Magazine. The title is in red font against a yellowed background

Reading Dragon: A Look Back at 'Horses Are People, Too'

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
In 1993, TSR published edition #191 of Dragon Magazine. In it was a variety of fantastic articles on Dungeons and Dragons, as well as various other...
September Gaming Convention Calender 2022

September Gaming Convention Calender 2022

boardgameMorgan Carpenter
  Here are the gaming conventions going on in September! Alabama n/a Alaska  n/a Arizona   Tuscon Comic-Con: Tuscon, Sep 2-4 RinCon: Mesa, Sep 2-5...
A photo of a set of black dice with red numbering against a white background. Next to it are the words "Ideal Dice Set (1992 vs. Now)"

Does The Ideal Set of Dice in 1992 Still Work for Modern Players?

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
In 1992, Dragon Magazine #182 (a special anniversary edition) released an article entitled “The Wild, Wild World of Dice”. In it, author Michael J ...
A photograph of a boardgame. There are several pieces, which look like humanoid explorers in red, and sea monsters in blue. They are set on a board that looks like a map with both land and sea depicted on it.

August Gaming Convention Calendar 2022

boardgameMorgan Carpenter
  Here are the gaming conventions going on in August! Alabama n/a Alaska  n/a Arizona Game On Expo: Phoenix, Aug 5-7 MaricopaCon: Phoenix, Aug 19-...
A black background with white streaks, with the words "SCIFI FRANCHISES WITH TABLETOP TIE-INS" next to it in a font resembling the Star Trek logo

Iconic Sci-Fi Franchises with Tabletop Tie-Ins

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Most people who get into tabletop gaming start with a broader application of the creative genres. Fantasy novels, supernatural tv shows, historical...
A photo of several pawns and a d6 set in various circles on a blue ground

July Gaming Convention Calender 2022

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
  Here are the gaming conventions going on in July! Alabama Play On Con: Birmingham, July 7-10 Alaska  n/a Arizona  n/a Arkansas  n/a California...
A photo of a stack of Fudge dice (dice with plus and minus signs on each side of the cube) in various colors. Next to the dice are the words "Fudge Games"

5 Fate/Fudge System TTRPGs to Try Out for a Rules-Light Tabletop Campaign

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
I love Dungeons and Dragons. But I also know that it isn’t the ‘forever TTRPG’ for everyone – some people are just looking for something different....
A sketch of concept art for the Skeksis from The Dark Crystal in red pencil against a yellow background. To the left is the words The Dark Crystal Adventure Game in purple and black font

The Dark Crystal Adventure Game: Discussion and Review

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
There have been a lot of franchise tie-in tabletop games coming out recently. Labyrinth, Marvel, The Princess Bride. It’s easy to understand why, o...
An old illustration of a pile of manuscripts and books on a wooden table. Below the illustration is a white rectangle with the words "making intelligence valuable" in red and black.

Smart is the New Sexy – Making Intelligence a More Valuable Stat for Better Games

3e skillsMorgan Carpenter
For many Dungeons and Dragons players, Intelligence is an immediate dump stat. For a while, Wizards were just about the only class that really reli...
A photo of the Title from Labyrinth the Board Game, as read on the box. The words Jim Henson's Labyrinth The Board Game are superimposed in stylized font in front of what appears to be a large maze.

You Remind Me of a Game: A Review of Labyrinth the Board Game, a Fantasy Adventure for Families

80sMorgan Carpenter
You remind me of the babe. What babe? The babe with the power, of course. Fans of Jim Henson, David Bowie, 80's movies, and adventure stories gathe...

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