9th Day of Crit-mas: ‘Dice Giveth’ Dice Tray 50% off!

Starting December 9th, ‘Dice Giveth’ Dice Trays are 50% off!

Once you’ve got your dice, it helps to have something to roll them in. Our ‘Dice Giveth’ Dice Trays are portable, sturdy, and a great accessory for your whole party to keep their rolls contained, even when you get into really high damage! They make perfect Crit-mas gifts for anyone in the tabletop community. 

No coupon needed! This sale lasts until December 17, or while supplies last. 

Start Shopping here: Dice Trays

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Backpack of Holding
Backpack of Holding
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Folding Wood Dice Tower - D20 Collective - Dice Tower - DND Tabletop RPG Dice - Accessories, Dice Towers, Gaming Accessories, Gaming Essentials, GM Tools, Player Tools
Folding Wood Dice Tower
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