Origins2017 - Renegade Games booth Courtesy of Meeple Mountain

Looking for a great tabletop & gaming convention now that they’re happening again? Here’s what’s going on in April:


CYPHACON 2022 Lake Charles, LA Apr 1-3

VGM CON: Lift Off Plymouth, MN Apr 1-3

WonderCon: Anaheim CA, April 1-3

Lexicon-IL: Lexington IL, April 2

Gaming by Sea: Fort Lauderdale FL, April 2-20

Aselia Con Irving, TX Apr 8-10

CODCON: Glen Ellyn IL, April 8-10

Conpulsion: Online, April 8-10

Gilt and Fanfare Magical Emporium: Amusements, Oddities East Durham, NY Apr 8-10

LouisvilleCon 2022 Louisville, KY Apr 9

CoMo Retro Game Convention 2022 Columbia, MO Apr 10

SacAnime: Sacramento CA, April 15-17

East Coast Game Conference 2022 Raleigh, NC Apr 19-21

GameSchoolCon: Irvine CA, April 21-24

Little Wars: Lisle IL, April 21-24

PAX East 2022 Boston, MA Apr 21-24

The War Chest: Bannockburn Il, April 21-24

Cheyenne Gaming Convention 2022 Cheyenne, WY Apr 22-24

HavenCon 2022 Austin, TX Apr 22-24

South Texas Comic Con 2022 McAllen, TX Apr 22-24

Kawaii Kon: Honolulu HI, April 22-24

LexingtonCon 2022 Lexington, KY Apr 23

Fan Expo Cleveland 2022 Cleveland, OH April 29 - May 1

Midwest Gaming Classic 2022 Milwaukee, WI Apr 29-May 1

ZapCon 8 Mesa, AZ Apr 30-May 1

WonderCon: Anaheim CA, April 1-3

SacAnime: Sacramento CA, April 15-17

Proto ATL: Atlanta GA, April 7-10D8 Summit Charity Convention: Utica IL, April 22-24

PAX East: Boston MA, April 21-22

Rising Phoenix Game Convention: Milford MA, April 22-24

Havoc!: Shrewsbury MA, April 8-10

Congress of Gamers Spring Session: Rockville MD, April 30-May 1

Scrum Con: Silver Spring MD, April 24-25

Visioncon: Springfield MO, April 29-May 1

OZ-Con: West Plains MO, April 22-24

Great Plains Game Fest: Lincoln NE, April 29-May 1

PretzCon: Omaha NE, April 22-24

Buckeye Game Fest: Columbus OH, April 4-10

Ratha Con: New Marshfield OH, April 9

Mepacon: White Haven PA, April 8-10

Board Game Days: Knoxville TN, April 28-30

Nashville Tabletop Day: Nashville TN, April 16

Midwestern Gaming Classic: Milwaukee WI, April 29-May 1

No Brand Con: Wisconsin Dells WI, April 22-24

HMGS-South: Orlando FL, April 21-24


Are we missing a con that you know is coming up? Please let us know!

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You guys should come to Steel City Con sometime!! It’s in Pittsburgh 3 times a year!

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