A section of the cover of the novel Oath of Nerull. It shows the torso of a dark skinned woman in monk's clothing, next to the words "Oath of Nerull: An all-new adventure based on the greatest roleplaying game of all time".

Oath of Nerull: A Brief Review of a DnD Novel and Tips on Adapting it Into a Module

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
If you like the lore and style of Dungeons and Dragons’ fantasy, and not just the actual rules and play themselves, you’ll probably enjoy some of t...
A photo of the hilt of a sword. Next to it are the words "historical swords to flavor D&D weapons as"

6 (More) Cool Swords to Flavor your Dungeons and Dragons Weapons As

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
One of the biggest decisions you make when creating your Dungeons and Dragons character is the weapon that they’ll wield. Each option deals slightl...
An illustration from Basic Dungeons and Dragons of a man in maille armor fighting a red dragon. Next to the image, against a red background, is the words "Which Edition Should You Play?"

Which Edition of Dungeons and Dragons Should You Play? A Brief Overview of Editions

Morgan Carpenter
Whether you’re new to Dungeons and Dragons, or have been playing one edition for a while and are looking for a change of pace after this time, you’...
A black and white engraving illustration of King Arthur - a middle aged man with a beard, grown, and a cape. Next to him are the words "Arthurian Legends"

5 Arthurian Romances to Get You Started On the Legends, and Inspire a DnD Character While You're At It

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
If you’re looking for something to inspire your next high fantasy or dramatic DnD game, you have no limit of resources to choose from. There are li...
A photo of a board game, with a grey and brown board and various dice, tokens, and pieces spread across it

June Gaming Convention Calendar 2022

boardgameMorgan Carpenter
Here are the gaming conventions going on in June!   Alabama n/a Alaska n/a Arizona n/a California  San Diego Historical Games Convention: San Diego...
An illustration of a 5e storm giant, with grey skin and white hair, holding a sword and a lightnign bolt and hearing  centurion helmet. Next to him are the words Unearthed Arcana: Giant Options

Unearthed Arcana Giant Options – What it Includes, What Stands Out, and What Needs Work

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
This week, Wizards of the Coast released their newest Unearthed Arcana (pre-released rulesets intended as a reception and beta test before official...
A photo of a carnival mask, in gold and white, against a black background. The words "The Witchlight Carnival" are written next to it in font.

The Witchlight Carnival: "Wild Beyond the Witchlight" Introductory Area, and Standalone Location

5e dndMorgan Carpenter
Recently, I’ve been running the prewritten campaign Wild Beyond the Witchlight (WBTW) for my family. It’s a roleplay-heavy, combat-light campaign t...
A photo of a stack of Fudge dice (dice with plus and minus signs on each side of the cube) in various colors. Next to the dice are the words "Fudge Games"

5 Fate/Fudge System TTRPGs to Try Out for a Rules-Light Tabletop Campaign

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
I love Dungeons and Dragons. But I also know that it isn’t the ‘forever TTRPG’ for everyone – some people are just looking for something different....
A black and white photo of a sign with a UFO that reads "Free Parking". Next to it are the words "5 Scifi LARPs"

5 Science Fiction LARPS to Run this Summer

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Summer is just around the corner, if not here already where you live. It’s the time of the year for parties, get togethers, and entertainment! The ...
Constructing Meaningful Character Deaths

Constructing Meaningful Character Deaths

Justice Darin
Adventurers are always remembered for what they’ve done in life, but does it actually have to stop there? From the moment I was assigned the positi...
A sketch of concept art for the Skeksis from The Dark Crystal in red pencil against a yellow background. To the left is the words The Dark Crystal Adventure Game in purple and black font

The Dark Crystal Adventure Game: Discussion and Review

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
There have been a lot of franchise tie-in tabletop games coming out recently. Labyrinth, Marvel, The Princess Bride. It’s easy to understand why, o...
May Gaming Convention Calendar 2022

May Gaming Convention Calendar 2022

Morgan Carpenter
Here are the gaming conventions going on the May!   RPGCON: Huntsville, AL May 20-22 KublaCon Game Convention: Burlingame, CA May 27-30 Gamex: Los...

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