A photo of several people sitting around a table, playing what appears to be a board game. A woman in a purple sweater is laughing, while a man in a black shirt smiles. Another man in a grey sweatshirt is facing away from the camera.

Looking for a great tabletop convention now that they’re happening again? Here’s what’s going on in the rest of the month:


Arizona Game Fair Mesa, AZ Mar 10-13

ALL-CON Dallas, TX Mar 10-13

South by Southwest Gaming Austin, TX Mar 11-20

Marmalade Dog Kalamazoo, MI Mar 11-13

Midwest GameFest (Online) Independence, MO Mar 10-13

Impossible Realities: March to Oblivion (Online) Saint John, New Brunswick Mar 11-13

Battlefields Livonia, MI Mar 11-13

Fargo GameFest Fargo, ND Mar 11-13

Protospiel Knoxville Knoxville, TN Mar 11-13

Fallscon Wichita Falls, TX Mar 17-20

SIBcon Butler, PA Mar 19-20

TokenCon Oklahoma City, OK Mar 18-20

Meeple Peak BGC Carson City, NV Mar 18-20

Desert Wars Mesa, AZ Mar 19-20

Southern Board Game Festival Lafayette, LA Mar 19-20

AdeptiCon Schaumberg, IL Mar 23-7

Gary Con Lake Geneva, WI Mar 24-27

TSR Con Lake Geneva, WI Mar 24-27

GameStorm Portland, OR Mar 24-27

AggieCon College Station, TX Mar 25-27

ShushCon Pawleys Island, SC Mar 25-27

Plattecon Platteville, WI Mar 25-27

Game On Greensboro Greensboro, NC Mar 26



Don’t see a con that you know is coming up? Let us know!


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Jason Minter

Jason Minter

You forgot Aggiecon in College station, Tx, March 25-27!

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