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Dragon+ Magazine Releases Critical Role Concept Art for Call of the Neverdeep

Excited for the newest WotC/Critical Role collaboration? Just like cool fantasy art? The most recent Dragon+ Magazine edition published some fantastic concept art – from monsters, to NPC clothing, to backgrounds. Dragon+ Magazine: Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep - Dragon+ Magazine


Add Some Intrigue to Your Magical Items

If you’re looking to make your magical items just that much cooler for your party, you might want to start giving them backstories! After all, these are some of the rarest and most powerful items in the world, enchanted by powerful mages, and used by heroes of legend.

For some advice on getting started, we recommend that you head on over to the blog Sly Flourish, and check out their article on the topic! - Sly Flourish: The Stories of Magic Items: SlyFlourish.com


D20Collective’s DMsGuild Pick of the Month

All the Weapons

Last month, we recommended that you check out Muk’s Guide, a printable activity book for the DnD-loving kids (and adults) in your life. This month, we’ve chosen something a little bit more aggressive: All The Weapons
All the Weapons is written and published by Sean vas Terra, and is available for purchase and download for a mere $10.
This compendium of magical weapons goes through every weapon type available in the Player’s Handbook, giving you 6 options for each, from common to legendary rarity. Plus, it includes magical options for a new Monk weapon – handwraps. And if you’re looking to grant some of these cool new toys as loot for a particularly epic boss battle, it comes complete with tables (which I always like to have my players make the rolls on for magical loot). - DMsGuild: Dungeon Masters Guild - (dmsguild.com)

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