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This has been an unusual year for all, and D20Collective has been no exception. In particular, issues with the US Postal Service (through no fault of their own) have caused delays and difficulties for many people in receiving their orders in a timely fashion. 

We’re aware of this, and in the interest of making sure that everyone gets all the holiday gifts that they need fully on time, we’re starting our sales early - as early as this month! We’re also kickstarting the season of giving with a special offer for larger orders. 

Long-time customers will know that, here at D20Collective, making an order of more than $45 will get you free shipping. We plan on expanding this in the best possible way - while you’re buying gifts for others, we plan to give you a present that you can keep for yourself (or give away, if you’re feeling particularly generous)! 

Here’s how the gift system will work:

( In addition to the usual free shipping on orders larger than $45)

  • Buy $45 worth of eligible items, and get a free random dice set
  • Buy $75 worth of eligible items, and get a free “The Dice Giveth” Dice Bag
  • Buy $125 worth of eligible items, and get a free copy of “Rime of the Frostmaiden”


Eligible Items

Not all of the items that we offer are eligible for a free gift, unfortunately. No offense to fans of items that aren’t eligible - it's just the trials and tribulations of business. 


  • Acrylic dice
  • Resin dice
  • Most metal dice*
  • Gemstone dice
  • Backpacks of holding
  • Leather journals
  • Dice towers
  • Dice boxes
  • Dice bags


  • Norse Foundry Metal Dice
  • Norse Foundry miniatures
  • Apparel
  • Toys and figures
  • Books
  • DM screens
  • Spell cards
  • Maps and grids

Gift Suggestions (with our gifts to you)

These gift tiers can be a little intimidating, and with Christmas so far off, you may not yet have all of your lists sorted out. That's alright - we’ve got a few suggestions for holiday gifts bundles and celebrations (including the awesome free items that we’ve got for you). 

If you see a bundle (or just an item) that you like, hover over the image to be able to add them straight to your cart!

For Your Party

Its important to keep in the good graces of your DM or your players - they can make or break a campaign, after all. Or maybe you’re just good-aligned, and looking to make someone’s year with the perfect present from their gaming buddy. Here are a few suggestions we have for holiday gifts this year:


Getting a new acrylic set for each of your players (and yourself, of course!) is a quick way to earn yourself a free random set. You can customize each set by player-and-character, or look through some of our more unusual sets!


DMs deserve lots of presents, too! Especially when they have to lug all their stuff back and forth from the play location. A backpack of holding is a great surprise for your overburdened Dungeon Master so they can carry all the books they need at once. Pair it with a new set of fancy dice, or a journal for them to plan the campaign in, and you may just win yourself some inspiration. 


Looking to hold a Holiday Party? Why not make it an adventuring one, and run Rime of the Frostmaiden. You can get the book for free by ordering gifts for your whole group to play with it - a metal set for every player (or multiple in acrylic), plus journals to encourage them to actually take notes!


For Your Family

Not a player yourself? That’s alright - whoever it is in your life that you're buying for is lucky that you’re willing to put so much research into their gifts! Or maybe your  party is also your family - family gaming was always the best way to get mine to spend time together, even when we couldn’t manage dinner at the same table every night.

 Either way, here are a few suggestions for your kids, siblings, and friends. 


If your kids are into Dungeons and Dragons, chances are that they’re also into art, fantasy, and videogames. A couple of leather journals, whether for them to draw, take school notes, or simply to use when they play games - you can encourage their creativity, and get a great stocking stuffer for free!


Who needs fancy jewelry? If your significant other is into tabletop gaming (with or without you), a set of gemstone dice is a great way to find them something high quality, beautiful, and practical to their interests! Throw in a box to keep them in, or a tower to roll them, and you can get a dice bag to add into the present as well!


Practical gifts are some of the best, and a Backpack of Holding is a great option for students of any age. Throw in a few journals, or a bunch of really cool-looking dice sets (gemstone may be a bit delicate for younger kids, but metal ones are really cool-looking, and solid enough that they’re less likely to get lost among the rest of their stuff), and you’ll get a free copy of Rime of the Frostmaiden for them to read and play with their friends (or with you)!


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