Ramblings of the Collective is the official Dungeons & Dragons (and more) podcast of D20 Collective, featuring playthroughs and discussion about D&D in all its iterations and editions. The episodes also have guests, giveaways, discount codes and more, showing how important D&D has been for such a wide array of fans.


Podcast Episodes

Design in a Nutshell - What Makes UI and UX so ImportantEP 7 - Design in a Nutshell

Today Brandon, James, and Lucien dive deep into what makes UI and UX useful and important. We go over some good and bad examples, as well as talk about how it can affect a users experience from point A to point B.

Character Tropes: Love It or Hate It

EP 6 - Character Tropes: Love It or Hate It

Today the Terrible Trio talks about a common theme: character tropes! We talk about our favorites, or least favorites, and what twisting a trope can do in the realm of character design. Buckle up, grab a drink, and come enjoy the Ramblings of the Collective!

About the Cast

EP 5 - About the Cast

In this episode we talk a bit about our inspirations. What really drove us to follow a path of voice acting, graphic design, music, and art as a whole? Let's find out together!

This Wizard came from the Moon - A Podcast about Destiny

EP 5 - This Wizard Came from the Moon

The terrible trio is back yet again, this time to talk quite a bit about a game series called Destiny! The Ramblings of the Collective fantasy podcast about destiny discusses James' experiences as a new player, our thought on current Destiny 2, and a shallow dive into some of it's lore.

Characters of the Collective

EP 3 - Characters of the Collective

In this episode, Brandon, Lucien, and James go over the characters they have for the current campaign they're playing. Enjoy as we talk about all things Toqrin, Tolag, and Pioneer! Horror!

EP 2: Necromancy is a Hell of a Drug

EP 2 - Necromancy is a Hell of a Drug

Welcome back to the Ramblings of the Collective! This episode we're talking all things vampires, from Curse of Strahd to Resident Evil Village, and all things in between. Grab a seat, relax, and join us on our dive into Gothic Horror!

Pilot: Introductions

EP 1 "PILOT" - Introductions

In this episode we talk about who we are and a little about what we like. We delve into a little bit about ourselves, Destiny, Persona, and a LOT about DnD. If there's anything that you want us to talk about in future episodes, let us know in the comments below!

DnD Dice Sets

DnD Dice Sets

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