An illustration of Mordenkainen - a bald man with a pointed goatee and brown robes in purple-ish light, next to the words "the circle of eight" in purple font

The Circle of Eight: Faerun’s Most Influential Visitors

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
If you’ve ever played a spellcaster in Dungeons and Dragons, you’ve probably noticed a few recurring names. Mordenkainen’s Arcane Seal, Leomund’s T...
A banner from the Kickstarter for Pasion de las Pasiones. It shows the core book for the game, with a photo of a man and woman dramatically embracing, next to the name of the game against an orange background

The Young and the Beautiful: Pasion de las Pasiones, a telenovela TTRPG

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Have you ever wanted to be the star of your own television show? To find true love in the most unlikely of places? To prove yourself worthy of ador...
A black and white illustration of the Great Wheel Cosmology. Next to it are the words "The Great Wheel and the Outer Planes" in grey and black

Planescape: A Brief Primer on the Great Wheel, the Outer Planes, and Sigil

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
WotC recently opened preorders on a new collection of sourcebooks, titled Planescape. This setting is a popular one, connecting various worlds in a...
The words "Welcome to HADES" in white text on top of a black background

Reading Dragon: A Look Back at ‘Welcome to Hades’

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
As discussed in the last installment of ‘Reading Dragon’, Dungeons and Dragons has a well-established canon of evil realms associated with the afte...
An illustration of a Kobold from 5e Dnd. It appears to be a red scaled lizardlike creatre wearing a leather loincloth and holding a sling and a dagger. Next to him are the words "Kobold Religion"

A Brief Overview of the Kobold Pantheon in the Forgotten Realms

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
A small, draconic counterpoint to gnomes and goblins, Kobolds are best known as raiders and servants of evil dragons. But while they serve dragons ...
An illustration of a bearhound in the forest. Next to the beast are the words "Creature Feature: Bearhound"

Creature Feature: Bearhound

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
In the past, our Creature Feature articles have highlighted some of the more popular monsters from DnD cannon: Bulettes, Flumphs, and Faerie Dragon...
An illustration of a squid like head with tentacles and small eyes in red against a white background. Next to it are the words "cosmic horror inspiration"

3 Places to Find Inspiration for a Cosmic Horror Campaign

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
What Is Cosmic Horror? Cosmic horror, sometimes called Lovecraftian horror, is a subgenre of horror fiction that deals with and emphasizes the dr...
A photo of dice, one set in marbled blue with gold numbers, and one set in copper with black numbers, jumbled together

August 2023 Gaming Convention Calendar

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Here are the gaming conventions going on in August!   Alabama n/a Alaska n/a Arizona MaricopaCon: Phoenix, Aug 25-27 Consim World Expo: Tempe, Aug...
The title of Moxie from the cover of the booklet. It shows the title of the game in scifi font against a bright orange background.

An Introduction to Space Piracy: Moxie, a Quick TTRPG

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
This month, I had the pleasure of attending CritHit AZ. There, I got to meet tabletop games from across the state (and nearby states as well!) and ...
An illustration of several cartoon monsters of various colors and shapes in front of a orange backgrounds. In front of them are the words "Fatal Familiar"

Figments of Pure Imagination: Fatal Familiar, A Monster Collecting RPG

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
This past weekend, my family and I had the absolute pleasure of attending CritHit AZ: Year Zero. Not quite a con, the tabletop gaming retreat featu...
The title from the cover art from 'Nine Hells Revisited" It shows the Title above the words "More 'facts' about devildom" in white against a black and white illustration of a dark sky and mountains

Reading Dragon: A Look Back at ‘Nine Hells Revisited’

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
One core aspect of the Forgotten Realms is the Nine Hells – layered domains of lawful-evil lords and their underlings, filled to the brim with dar...
Part of a cover of a Mutants and Masterminds book, showing the title of the game in block letters, with the arms of superheros behind them

4 Mutants and Masterminds Character Builders

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Mutants and Masterminds (MnM) is a hugely popular superhero TTRPG where players create superpowered characters and fight various threats to humanit...

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