A photograph of a hand throwing up a large black die against a blue-lit background

July 2023 Convention Calendar

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Here are the gaming conventions going on in July!   Alabama Play on Con: Birmingham, Jul 6-9 Alaska n/a Arizona CritHit: Mesa, Jul 15-16 Arkansas ...
An illustration of a grey skinned elf with long white hair dancing with a sword in front of a full moon, next to which are the words "drow pantheon part 2"

A Brief Overview of the Drow Pantheon (part 2)

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
A disjointed pantheon, often in conflict with itself, the Dark Seldarine battle for dominance and influence over the Underdark’s drow population. T...
An illustration of Lolth, a creature with the body of a spider and the head of a woman with grey skin and white hair, dangling from a spiderweb against an orange background. Next to her are the words "Drow Pantheon"

A Brief Overview of the Drow Pantheon (part 1)

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Most pantheons in DnD, whether worshiped by a particular species or a particular geographical area, share their worship among themselves. The peopl...
A photo of 4 lettered dice, spelling out "LGBT" on top of colorful zigzag stripes

4 LGBT+ Focused TTRPGs to Try Out this Pride Month

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
It’s pride month this June. A month for celebrating personal autonomy, identity, and endurance in the face of persecution. It’s no surprise that a ...
An illustration of a faerie dragon, a small blue and purple dragon with butterfly wings, seated on a stick against a splash of blue watercolor. Next to the dragon are the words "Creature Feature: Faerie Dragons".

Creature Feature: Faerie Dragons, their History, and How to Include them in Campaigns

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
When you’re playing Dungeons and Dragons, you’re going to expect 2 things: Dungeons, and, well, Dragons. To facilitate this, the game’s lore includ...
THe kickstarter banner for Raccoon Sky Pirates. It shows a black and white illustration of a raccoon leaping away from a rock toward a space ship of some kind

Trashing the Neighborhood: A Review of Raccoon Sky Pirates, a miniature TTRPG

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
When you think about playing tabletop RPGs, the first thought that you have is generally about the epic-scale adventures of heroes: science fiction...
A black and white silhouette of a man, facing away from the viewer, dripping a bottle of something onto a dagger. Behind him is a skull, with two swords crossed behind it. Next to the illustration are the words "Taking the sting out of poison"

Reading Dragon: A Look Back at ‘Taking the Sting Out of Poison’

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
In the long history of Dragon Magazine, there have been hundreds of issues, which in turn contained dozens of articles, and plenty of useful advic...
An illustration of Anubis, a man in a white skirt and ancient egyptian armor, with the head of a jackal and a rod, next to the words "The Mulhorandi Pantheon"

A Brief Overview of the Mulhorandi Pantheon (part 3)

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Our last two Divinations from the Collective have had the same subject: the Mulhorandi pantheon. This group of Forgotten Realms’ gods are taken who...
An illustraration of Hathor, a woman with a bulls head with a disk between the horns, wearing elaborate egyptian dress and holding a lyre. Next to her are the words "the Mulhorandi Pantheon"

A Brief Overview of the Mulhorandi Pantheon (part 2)

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Last week, our Divination from the Collective covered some of the major gods of the Mulhorandi pantheon – a pantheon in the Forgotten Realms that u...
An illustration of a woman in white and red egyptian robes holding a rod and standing over a crocodile against a pale yellow background. Next to her are the words "the mulhorandi pantheon"

A Brief Overview of the Mulhorandi Pantheon (part 1)

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
The Forgotten Realms have a broad and varied pantheon, featuring dozens of unique gods, each with their own powers and domains within the land of T...
A photograph of a boardgame set up on a table. Several small green meeples are stood on the middle of a board, with a small stack of round cardboard tokens and a tupperware container near them

May 2023 Gaming Convention Calendar

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Here are the gaming conventions going on in May!   Alabama n/a Alaska n/a Arizona  n/a Arkansas  n/a California Pacificon: San Diego, May 6-8 Fani...
A section of the cover of boop, which shows a cartoon calico cat in a purple circle, against a black background with pawprints. The name of the game is written in purple bubble letters above the cat.

A Review of Boop, a Game of Herding Cats

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Have you ever heard the expression “it’s like herding cats”? It means that whatever task you’re undergoing is difficult, time-consuming, and frustr...

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