A photograph of severarl miniature roman figures holding spears and wearing hoplite armor, arranged as though they are walking over a mountain

April 2024 Gaming Convention Calendar

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Here are the gaming conventions going on in April!   Alabama n/a Alaska n/a Arizona n/a Arkansas n/a California Board Games at Berkeley Con: Berke...
An illustration of a naga, a snake with a human face. Next to it are the words "Monstrous Deities (part 2)"

A Brief Overview of Monstrous Deities in the Forgotten Realms (part 2)

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
The Forgotten Realms have a lot of gods. Not only do each of the major races/species have their own pantheons, but even the monster species often h...
The title from the article illustration from 'spells between the covers', which shows the title of the article in white font against a black background, and the edge of a window, vase, skull, and candle beneath it

Reading Dragon: Spells Between the Covers

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
In February 1984, TSR published Issue #82 of Dragon Magazine, it’s official publication for supplementary materials, commentary, and community enga...
A photograph of a hand throwing up a large black die against a blue-lit background

July 2023 Convention Calendar

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Here are the gaming conventions going on in July!   Alabama Play on Con: Birmingham, Jul 6-9 Alaska n/a Arizona CritHit: Mesa, Jul 15-16 Arkansas ...
An illustraration of Hathor, a woman with a bulls head with a disk between the horns, wearing elaborate egyptian dress and holding a lyre. Next to her are the words "the Mulhorandi Pantheon"

A Brief Overview of the Mulhorandi Pantheon (part 2)

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Last week, our Divination from the Collective covered some of the major gods of the Mulhorandi pantheon – a pantheon in the Forgotten Realms that u...
An illustration of a bulette leaping from the earth toward a humanoid figure lying prone on the ground

Creature Feature: Bulettes, their History, and How to Include Them in Campaigns

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
One of the biggest draws to Dungeons and Dragons is the side array of monsters and creatures that you can use in the game. Some are adaptations of ...
An illustration of Icewind Dale, with two frost covered mountains with an aurora above them and snow at the bases. On top of the illustration are the words "5 Winter D&D Monsters" in white typography

5 Winter Monsters for a Seasonal Dungeons and Dragons Session

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
The winter months are a fantastic source of inspiration for fantasy stories, and for fantasy tabletop games. Dungeons and Dragons is no exception! ...
An image from the DnD website for One DnD. It shows a white Draconic Ampersand in front or wavy red lines in front of a black background

WOTC releases playtest material for “One D&D”: What it Includes, What it Drew From, and What We Think About It

AnnouncementMorgan Carpenter
About a year ago, Wizards of the Coast announced that they had begun work on a new edition of Dungeons and Dragons. Some called it 6e, some called ...
The header from Dragon Magazine #132. it shows the word Dragon in large, red font in front on a yellow and blue sky, and a black bar beneath it with the word "Magazine" cut out from the bar in capitals

Dragon Magazine: A Brief History and Explanation

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
If you’ve played Dungeons and Dragons for a long time, chances are that you’ve already heard about Dragon Magazine. It’s possibly the best-known ro...
A screenshot from Dungeons and Dragons Honor Among Thieves.  It shows the film's title screen, with Dungeons and Dragons written in red font, and the draconic ampersand and the words "Honor Among Thieves" below in grey and white lettering

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Trailer Looks Like Goofy Fun – If a Little Disappointing for Fans of Forgotten Realms Lore

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Just a few days ago at San Diego Comicon, Wizards of the Coast launched the first trailer for the upcoming movie Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among ...
An illustration of a flying ship above an ocean and a blue and pink sunset dotted with stars or lights. Next to it are the words "Awesome Spelljamming Ships: in blue and purple letters

Some of the Coolest Spelljammer Ships in Wildspace

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
The 5e Spelljammer sourcebook has just entered the preorder stage, and I’ve already reserved my spot. Spelljammer, as you may have noticed if you’r...
A photo of a woman in a yellow forest, wearing a blue and yellow robe with her arm outstretched. Next to her are the words "Designing D and D Cosplay"

Designing Dungeons and Dragons Characters to Cosplay

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Con season has finally come back! Game conventions, anime conventions, comic conventions – they’re all being put on again (with some concessions to...

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