An illustration of Auril's symbol, a snowflake, next to the words "Winter Holidays in the Forgotten Realms"

Winter Holidays in the Forgotten Realms

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
When looking to write a oneshot or a module for the holiday season, it’s only natural that you might pose this question first: Does the Forgotten R...
A section of the cover of the novel Oath of Nerull. It shows the torso of a dark skinned woman in monk's clothing, next to the words "Oath of Nerull: An all-new adventure based on the greatest roleplaying game of all time".

Oath of Nerull: A Brief Review of a DnD Novel and Tips on Adapting it Into a Module

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
If you like the lore and style of Dungeons and Dragons’ fantasy, and not just the actual rules and play themselves, you’ll probably enjoy some of t...
A photo of a carnival mask, in gold and white, against a black background. The words "The Witchlight Carnival" are written next to it in font.

The Witchlight Carnival: "Wild Beyond the Witchlight" Introductory Area, and Standalone Location

5e dndMorgan Carpenter
Recently, I’ve been running the prewritten campaign Wild Beyond the Witchlight (WBTW) for my family. It’s a roleplay-heavy, combat-light campaign t...
The word's "Valentine's Day Oneshot Ideas" written in script floats above several hearts with wings

5 (More) Valentine’s Day Oneshot Ideas for Dungeons and Dragons

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Last year, D20Collective published a list of ideas for Valentine’s Day oneshots, suitable for use with DnD, or any other fantasy tabletop game. The...
A grey board decorated with yellow green and red christmas lights. In front of this is the words "DMsGuild holiday oneshots" in white stylized text

Prewritten Holiday and Christmas Modules on DMsGuild (that are completely affordable!)

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
  The holidays are a great time for get-togethers, including TTRPG groups. But they can also be quite busy, making it a challenge to write, gather,...
A drawing of a fairy on a throne, evidently a queen in the feywild

5 Fun Fae Plot Hooks to Include in Your Witchlight/Feywild Campaign

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Wizards of the Coast has just released The Wilds Beyond the Witchlight, a prewritten campaign for Dungeons and Dragons, to no small amount of appla...
An image of the Ravenloft logo, the word "Raveloft" on a red plaque in a gothic font, in front of a dark red background

What Makes Ravenloft so Iconic?

5e dndMorgan Carpenter
Just recently, Wizards of the Coast released Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft, a worldbuilding sourcebook for Dungeons and Dragons 5e. It expands o...
A scan of the first line of a piece of music titled "For Saint Valentine's Day"

6 Oneshot Prompts for a Valentine's Oneshot

3.5e dndMorgan Carpenter
Running a full campaign can be difficult, especially right now - scheduling for the number of people that it takes to run one is a hassle, and even...

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