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The holidays are a great time for get-togethers, including TTRPG groups. But they can also be quite busy, making it a challenge to write, gather, and play through a module or oneshot, especially if you want to make one especially for Christmas! Luckily, the DMsGuild has you covered. There are plenty of festive oneshots and modules available, written by fellow players and DMs, just waiting for you to download and start rolling. Here are a few of our favorites, all of which are Pay What You Want.


Christmas Fey

The cover page for Christmas Fey. It pictures the DnD ampersand logo with the title and subtitle for the module

Christmas Fey takes your party away from their usual troubles to aid Father Christmas’ helper, who has been prevented from leaving a family’s gifts by a tinsel attack from the holiday tree. If they agree, they are whisked away by the magic of Christmas, becoming glitter on the air, to climb down the chimney and ensure that every family gets their share of holiday cheer, all before the children wake!

This simple Christmas oneshot is suitable for all ages and can be adjusted for groups of various levels, making it adaptable as well as festive. There isn’t too much plot, and nothing that you’ll need to fit to your campaign, just a series of humorous encounters. It’s perfect for a newer DM, or even newer players, without needing to keep track of maps, magical items, or custom monsters.

Download it on DMsGuild here: Christmas Fey by Marisa Turmaine


A Very Goblin Christmas

The cover image for A Very Goblin Christmas oneshot. It features the title and subtitle of the module, and an image of a goblin in a santa suit, carrying a large bag with presents in it.

A Very Goblin Christmas leads your party up into the snowy mountains to face down Goblin Santa! When the gifts for a nearby orphanage are stolen, along with the party’s magical items and supplies, they have to track them down, finding them placed beneath a giant, decorated tree. They can go through these presents, trying out new and interesting magical items, using them to defeat the evil Goblin Santa in a chaotic and funny final encounter.

If your players like a little chaos, this is the perfect module for you. It easily ensures that your party is motivated to track down their supplies, gives them (and the DM!) the opportunity to see what kind of magical items they might like to use in the future, and allows for high-energy, high-comedy combat! It comes with a few maps and monster stat blocks, too, so you can easily run it on Roll20 or elsewhere online.

Download it on DMsGuild here: A Very Goblin Christmas by Robert Reinhardt


The Great Trial: Christmas

The cover page for The Great Trial: Christmas. It features a close up illustration of Krampus, a scarred devilish figure with horns and sharp teeth, and stylized test of the module title.

The third in a series of challenging modules, The Great Trial: Christmas is a holiday themed dungeon crawl that takes your players into Ravenloft to stop Krampus! This creepy Christmas module requires the party (captured by a mage who makes such challenges) to stop the malevolent Krampus monster from killing a small village he’s placed in the Ravenloft plane, following the screams of his victims to save what they can of the town.

This oneshot is perfect for players who want something a little more serious, and a little more challenging, for their gameplay. It’ll require more tactics and strategy than many roleplay-focused groups might like, but for a problem-solving group, its perfect!

Download it on DMsGuild here: The Great Trial: Christmas by Christian Zeuch and Jack Weighill



Save the Last Kristmas: A Christmas Adventure

The cover page for Save the Last Kristmas. It features the DMsGuild ampersand logo, and the title and subtitle of the module

In Save the Last Kristmas, your party is transported into Snow Country, a land with a symbiotic relationship with the mythical Santa. Alas, in the last few years, Santa has fallen ill, and the people are beginning to forget about him, causing all sorts of problems throughout the land. To solve the problem, your players must make presents, deliver them, and solve various problems throughout the land, restoring the people’s belief in the holiday spirit!

This is another good module for players of all ages, and one that provides different quest options for your players. Not all of them require combat, although some do, so it’s an excellent choice for a group that favors roleplay to strategy. It’s chock-full of holiday cheer, as well, and requires very little planning on the party of the DM!

Download it on DMsGuild here: Save the Last Christmas: A Christmas Adventure by samuele


A Winter Wonderland

The cover page of A Winter Wonderland. It shows the DMsGuild ampersand logo, and the title and subtitle of the module

A Winter Wonderland takes place, unbeknownst to the party, inside a snowglobe demiplane! The players, who have lived in a small, snowy town all of their lives, are suddenly invited to meet mysterious hermits nearby and discover a strange series of waiting rooms and portals to the world outside their home.

This is a fun and humorous one shot that doesn’t require too much attachment to the more Christmas-y aspects of the holidays. If your group is more interested in the wintertime atmosphere than the holidays themselves, this is a great option. It can’t really be used within a broader campaign, so you’ll have to have your players make new characters just for it, though.

Download it on DMsGuild here: A Winter Wonderland by LandmineCat


Claus for Concern: A Holiday One-Shot for Christmas

The cover page of Claus for Concern. It features a devilish looking snowman looking over a house in blue and black, and the title of the module in stylized font

A bestseller on DMsGuild, Claus for Concern recruits your party into saving Santa’s workshop, which has been overrun by mischievous troublemakers! They’ll need to sort out the invaders, locate Santa and Mrs. Claus, and generally do their best to save Christmas!

This oneshot has a tried but true formula for holiday stories, and it’s well presented and reviewed on top of that. It can also be fit into broader campaigns, and is even suggested by the author for use during an Icewind Dale or Rime of the Frostmaiden campaign (although I personally can’t see Drizzt saving the holidays…). It’s got plenty of detail, making it easy to run, and lots of appeal for a party who really likes to get into the holiday spirit!

Download it on DMsGuild here: Claus for Concern: A Holiday One-Shot for Christmas by BJ Keeton


Do you have a favorite holiday module on DMsGuild? Have you published your own? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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