A grey board decorated with yellow green and red christmas lights. In front of this is the words "DMsGuild holiday oneshots" in white stylized text

Prewritten Holiday and Christmas Modules on DMsGuild (that are completely affordable!)

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Β  The holidays are a great time for get-togethers, including TTRPG groups. But they can also be quite busy, making it a challenge to write, gather,...
A photo of three holiday candles with poinsettia leaves, apparently Christmas candles, lit against a black background. To the right of the candles is the words "Holiday Oneshot Ideas" in white caligraphy

4 Unique Ideas for a Holiday DnD Oneshot

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Like most special events, we here at D20Collective like to celebrate our holidays by way of tabletop gaming. And like any other festival, it’s grea...
A scan of the first line of a piece of music titled "For Saint Valentine's Day"

6 Oneshot Prompts for a Valentine's Oneshot

3.5e dndMorgan Carpenter
Running a full campaign can be difficult, especially right now - scheduling for the number of people that it takes to run one is a hassle, and even...

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