A black and white silhouette of a man, facing away from the viewer, dripping a bottle of something onto a dagger. Behind him is a skull, with two swords crossed behind it. Next to the illustration are the words "Taking the sting out of poison"

Reading Dragon: A Look Back at ‘Taking the Sting Out of Poison’

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
In the long history of Dragon Magazine, there have been hundreds of issues, which in turn contained dozens of articles, and plenty of useful advic...
An illustration of Anubis, a man in a white skirt and ancient egyptian armor, with the head of a jackal and a rod, next to the words "The Mulhorandi Pantheon"

A Brief Overview of the Mulhorandi Pantheon (part 3)

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Our last two Divinations from the Collective have had the same subject: the Mulhorandi pantheon. This group of Forgotten Realms’ gods are taken who...
An illustraration of Hathor, a woman with a bulls head with a disk between the horns, wearing elaborate egyptian dress and holding a lyre. Next to her are the words "the Mulhorandi Pantheon"

A Brief Overview of the Mulhorandi Pantheon (part 2)

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Last week, our Divination from the Collective covered some of the major gods of the Mulhorandi pantheon – a pantheon in the Forgotten Realms that u...
An illustration of a woman in white and red egyptian robes holding a rod and standing over a crocodile against a pale yellow background. Next to her are the words "the mulhorandi pantheon"

A Brief Overview of the Mulhorandi Pantheon (part 1)

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
The Forgotten Realms have a broad and varied pantheon, featuring dozens of unique gods, each with their own powers and domains within the land of T...
An illustration of a Bag of Devouring from 5e DnD. It appears to be a small bag with a red and blue face smirking outwardly. Next to it are the words "cursed" in red, and "magical items" in black

5 Fun Cursed Items to Include in Your Next D&D Game

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
Plenty of players have done it – beaten the boss monster, looted the lair, and found a glimmering, glittering new toy. A helm perhaps, or a ring, o...
An illustration of a flumph wearing a pirate hat. Next to it are the words "Creature Feature: Flumphs", with "Flumphs" in blue font

Creature Feature: Flumphs, their History, and How to Include Them in Campaigns

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Among Dungeons and Dragons’ roster of mighty dragons, beasts, and foes sits, quietly, the humble Flumph. This goofy-looking creature is practically...
The title are for Dragon Dweomers. The first word is in gold, while the second is in black, and curving dramatically.

Reading Dragon: A Look Back at Dragon Dweomers

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
In 1995, TSR published edition #218 of Dragon Magazine. In it were a variety of fantastic articles on Dungeons and Dragons, as well as various oth...
An illustration of a gnome in green clothing, holding a bow and arrow against a white background. Next to her in green lettering are the words Gnome Religion

A Brief Overview of the Gnome Pantheon in the Forgotten Realms

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Often known as the Forgotten Folk, gnomes are a race of small humanoids known for their speed, stealth, and love of illusions. Unlike their small c...
A black and white illustration of a mindflayer holding up a hand menacingly. Next to him are the words "leveling players"

What Kind of Leveling Should I Use for My DnD Party?

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Once you start DMing for Dungeons and Dragons, there’ll be a lot of questions that pop up in the planning. Do I run a homebrew world or a pre-publi...
A black and white illustration of an orc in armor and claok polishing a sword next to a stack of supplies and a training dummy with a helmet on it. Next to the image are the words "You again! Enemies who never go away - and how to create them"

Reading Dragon: A Look Back at ‘You Again! Enemies Who Never Go Away – and How to Create Them’

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
TSR’s Dragon Magazine, over the years, proposed and developed a variety of classes, monsters, gods, and characters for Dungeons and Dragons. It als...
A cropped illustration from the cover of The Yawning Portal Game. it shows a variety of adventurers at an inn, seated at a long table with different kinds of food laid out between them.

A Review of The Yawning Portal Game

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This year, with the previous release of a Dragonlance sourcebook and the upcoming release of the DnD movie (which looks to mainly concern the Sword...
A banner image of the logo for Project Black Flag, a silhouette of a kobold in armor holding a pickaxe on a black flag, next to the words "Project Black Flag" in stylized font

Kobold Press’ Project Black Flag Available for First Round of Playtesting

Blog PostMorgan Carpenter
This week, Project Black Flag has entered the first stage of playtesting, with its rules being made available on the Kobold Press Website.   Who is...