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The D20 of 2020...

D20 Collective

We want to keep tabletop gaming alive and thriving for years to come. It remains our goal to not only show people the excitement of tabletop gaming, but provide people with the wonderful experience that brought us all to our first session and kept us coming back for more. So now that we’ve grown, pull out your epic level handbooks because we’re stepping up our game. 

Over the past 4 and a half years, D20 Collective has grown immensely. Reaching tabletop players not just nationwide, but across the globe. Which is absolutely incredible! But with such growth, comes new challenges. Challenges that can’t be tackled by just one small party. Our journey began in Iowa, but as of December, we have officially set up an office in Phoenix, Arizona. Here we will be putting all our future ability score increases into customer service to make sure you have the best D20 experience possible. 

Keeping things transparent and personal is still one of our highest priorities. We’ve been listening, and we’ve heard your criticisms. Changes will be made. In fact, we’ve been working around the clock to implement them quickly and efficiently. 

Like many other shops online, our print shirts, hoodies, mugs, etc. all go through a 3rd party production company. Soon we will be moving production to a different provider. With this switch, we’ll be improving the quality of many of the items we offer. Gone are those rough, heavy shirts. We will be switching materials to a soft, 100% cotton shirt that is so soft, you’ll want to wear it time and time again. New shirt designs will also be in the works for next year, so keep an eye out. 

Dice sets, bags, journals, and rings now have a 1 business day guarantee. So you can rest easy knowing that someone will be sending out your loot will be on its way to you within 24 hours. For orders that contain items that are not housed locally, the items we keep in our inventory will still be sent within one business day, the other items will arrive separately as soon as production finishes. 

Exclusive deals and discounts will be coming to our subscribers and more rewards for our Game Night Perk members. So all you heroes and legends out there can get the best perks, deals and items we have to offer before anyone else just because you’re that awesome. For those that aren’t subscribed, do not fret! More options for dice bundles will also be set up in the near future, so you can still save money when adding to your dice horde. 

Speaking of dice (then again, when aren’t we speaking of dice…), we’ve got more dice on the way! We’re working on all new and exclusive dice designs for all of you PCs and DMs out there. Along with all new designs, we will also soon be offering Custom Dice options. Yep, that’s right! Get a special set for that special someone... or that special lvl 7 storm sorcerer you love playing… or heck, just get some for yourself because you customized a set that are just too damn cool to not have in your collection. We’re still working on it, so we can’t talk about all the options just yet, but more info will be coming soon. Promise.  

With all of that out of the way, we are excited to continue this wonderful journey and hope you are as well.

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