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Carry On!

Whatever you keep in your DnD dice bag, however it looks, and whatever its size, these mainstay accessories and tools are a certain way to beautify your dice (or general DnD) collection even further!

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          DND Dice Bags

          Among the most valuable, sought after magical items is the Bag of Holding - a pocket dimension that you can fit on your hip, and a pouch that can carry more than most men can load onto a horse. These bags are invaluable to dungeoneers and adventurers, who hope to carry everything that they can away from their quests. This invaluability makes them a mainstay of market stalls and magical vendors in large cities - but there is one rule that any potential buyer should be aware of. Never mix pocket dimensions. Portable Holes, Handy Haversacks, other Bags of Holding - keep them far away from your bag. Attempting to put one extradimensional space inside another has reduced many a magical-workshop to a yawning crater, or an all-consuming black hole. Not to mention, you’ll lose all of your stuff!

          Almost everyone who plays Dungeons and Dragons develops at least a slight addiction to DND Dice. Eventually, you amass a collection too large to take to all of your games - or to keep track of. When it comes to that, a dice bag or a dice pouch is the perfect solution to condensing your dice into one place for easy rolling. 

          We’ve got a lot of respect for dice here (as you can tell by our massive DND Dice offering), and encourage adventurers of all kinds to find something truly suitable for their collections. 

          Bag of Holding

          Ah, the bag. One of humanity’s oldest inventions, perfected through the years to bring you an ideal dice holder. You can fit almost anything into a bag, but they work particularly well for small, loose items (like dice!) that you may otherwise worry about separating or misplacing. And while boxes make for wonderful storage for a single, special set, a bag will hold an amazing number all in one, making them easy to store, move, and access when desired. 

          Varying Sizes

          Some people are simply more addicted to dice than others. Maybe you’ve got a hundred sets, and need something to lug the lot to your sessions in. Maybe you’ve only got one or two, and just want something you can fit in your purse for those gaming emergencies (just in case a wild game of D&D breaks out - you never know). Or maybe you’re somewhere in between, like the reasonable person you are - the options for dice bags will easily accommodate you, and there’s almost no set number of dice you can keep in your bag.  

          Character Bags

          There’s nothing more fun than showing up to a session in style, and really getting into your character not just in roleplay, but in looks! A custom dice bag, or just a well-chosen one, is an excellent addition to any player’s look, and any character’s aesthetic. You can show them off to your personal group, or bring it to a convention game, and really show everyone just how awesome your character looks. 

          Pockets and Pouches

          Plenty of dice bags are a simple, single pouch - and there’s nothing wrong with these! They work great. More complicated dice bags, though, often come with inner (and sometimes even outer) pockets, in which you can separate out your favorite sets, organize by size and type, or throw in other gaming accessories. 

          Dice Carriers

          Moving your dice from place to place can be tricky - that’s why dice holders and carriers are so useful to own. Sure, you could just stick them in a plastic baggie, or a bank bag, but those tear, rip, and melt, or catch along the zipper and make it hard for you to get at your dice. Plus, dnd players tend to keep their stash of dice in truly staggering places. 

          Some specific dice bags I’ve seen:

          • Purse Mini-Dice Pouches
          • Car Dice Bags
          • Tournament-only Bags
          • Bags for Naughty Dice (that usually roll poorly)
          • Bags for Good Dice (that usually roll well)
          • Storage Dice Bags
          • Custom Character Dice Bags
          • Bag of Dice to Offer the DM if they Start Rolling Too Well Against the Party
          • Bag of Dice to Offer Players if they Start Rolling Too Well Against the DM
          • Unreadable Dice Collections

          Varying sizes of dice bags can be used to store your dice in diverse amounts and places, all while keeping them perfectly safe and available.

          Miniature Storage

          Although they’re called ‘dice bags’, they can really be used to transport a wide variety of dnd tools and accessories. Most common among their alternate uses is to store miniatures and figurines for use in games. You could also put in tokens and spell slot counters, fake coins, or other easily-lost or damaged trinkets. 

          Carry On!

          Whatever you keep in your DND dice bag, however it looks, and whatever its size, these mainstay accessories and tools are a certain way to beautify your dice (or general dnd) collection even further!