Deluxe 14 Piece Dice Sets

Your character is equipped and ready for any situation; so should your dice. Explore our complete collection of 14 piece TTRPG dice sets, designed with a myriad of character aesthetics and environments in mind. Be prepared for any character, encounter, or campaign with a more complete RPG gaming dice set. This 14-Piece set includes all the dice you need to roll stats, attack with advantage, grant inspiration, and more - all while maintaining the style and unity of a single, well-made dice set:

In your deluxe 14 piece dice set, you'll receive: 2 d20, 1 d12, 1d%, 1d10, 2d8, 4d6, 2d4, 1d2 dice coin, a luxurious dice bag to carry it in and our one of a kind D20 Collective tin to keep them safe before your next adventure. Whether you go for the dazzling gold Swashbuckler set, or the light and ethereal Elemental Glitter set, you can't go wrong with an RPG dice collection like these.

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