DnD Dice Trays and Dice Towers & Dice Rollers

Custom DnD dice trays, dice towers, and dice rollers can help save space and time during your epic adventures. Don't be that noob rolling your dice off the table!

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          Custom Dnd Dice Trays & Dice Towers

          Even smaller dungeon parties are sometimes limited by the space that they have available to play. When you’re crowded around the table, pressed together with all of your sheets, maps, and miniatures, it can be hard to keep track of the DND Dice that you’re rolling. This makes Dice Towers and Dice Trays popular accessories for fun, but contained, dice rolls. 

           “Finally, she travelled so far through hill and dale, up and down, that more than a month had passed, and as yet she had learned only so much as she knew before -- that is, absolutely nothing. One day she was crossing a field in a sad and pensive mood, when she saw a tower in the distance standing by the shore of an arm of the sea. Not within a league around about was there any house, cottage, or dwelling- place. Meleagant had had it built, and had confined Lancelot within. But of all this she still was unaware. As soon as she espied the tower, she fixed her attention upon it to the exclusion of all else. And her heart gives her assurance that here is the object of her quest; now at last she has reached her goal, to which Fortune through many trials has at last directed her.”

          • Translated excerpt from Lancelot, Le Chevalier de la Charrette  by Chrétien de Troyes (in which a gentle maiden rescues mighty Sir Lancelot from a magical tower)


          Dice Trays

          Dice trays are the more portable, space-saving option between them and towers. You can find them in a wide variety of styles and materials, and they’re extremely functional and portable. 

          Contain your Dice

          No matter what they look like, dice trays all operate on the same principle. A containing tray with elevated edges keeps your dice rolls in a single container, so that they don’t go spinning across the table. This keeps them out of the way of your fellow players, as well as allowing you to roll large quantities of dice at once without worrying about losing track of some of them in the process. 

          Easy Storage

          Dice trays are of a limited height, making them easy to store away with the rest of your d&d tools and books. Additionally, leather or fabric options are often collapsible trays, which means that you can lie flat, and then be folded up into a proper tray. When collapsed, trays lie flat, and can be slid into your bag, ttrpg folder, or gaming binder with ease. 

          Look the Part

          Dice trays have a wide variety of styles and appearances. These variations can include:

          • Dice Tray Dimensions
          • Dice Tray Materials
          • Dice Tray Heights
          • Dice Tray Colors
          • Dice Tray Designs
          • Dice Tray Ornamentation

          You can also customize them further to perfectly match your personality or your characters!

          Dice Towers

          Dice Towers take up a little more space than Dice Trays, but it’s mostly vertical, and they can make even the most daunting of death saves or skill checks a ton of fun!

          Fun Rolling

          Dice Towers, also referred to as Dice Rollers, are vertical devices with internal inclines, that really shake up your dice and ensure a balanced roll. You just pop your dice in the top, and out comes your number! Internally, some of these include a bunch of ledges and bumps, like a game of pinball, while others favor quieter inclines that are less disruptive of speech, although they build less anticipation. 

          Looking Good

          Dice Towers are also supremely customizable. They can look like almost anything, and be made of almost any materials. Some favorites include:

          • Simple Wooden Dice Towers
          • Scroll Dice Towers
          • Fantasy Tower Dice Towers
          • Square Dice Towers
          • Castle Dice Towers
          • Stairway Dice Towers
          • Dungeon/Cell Dice Towers
          • Hanging Dice Towers

          Much like the Dice Trays, these Rollers can often be customized however you like, either from the shop or with a little bit of effort on your part!