Gemstone Dice Sets for DnD, RPG, and Tabletop

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      Gemstone Dice Sets

      For those who enjoy the finer things in life, sometimes regular old DND Dice just don’t cut it. Acrylic, Resin, and Metal are all nice, but for those special occasions - for those really important rolls - sometimes you want something a little nicer. Dice that are a level up from the rest - gemstone dice sets.

      “To create a Necklace of Fireballs, one must first obtain a number of gemstones of great purity and rarity. The precise value or type of these gemstones can vary, but they must be red in color - indicative of their connection to the fiery power of the Weave. Once gathered, a crafter must then funnel the spell several times, using different amounts of power, into the stones, and set them in the necklace. I recommend outsourcing this step, as very few powerful wizards have ever taken the time to learn proper jewel setting techniques."

       - “How To: Necklace of Fireballs”, Artifice for Dummies

      Luxury Dice

      Almost since we were capable of getting them out of the ground, gemstones have been a valued commodity - both for their scarcity and for their beauty. Many, over the years, have been attributed various supernatural and spiritual properties - although whether or not you believe in such things is up to you. Even without magical powers, gemstone dice sets (also known as semi precious) make for gorgeous statement pieces and wonderful gifts!

      Whether you’re looking for an extra special gift for someone who prefers fantasy to jewelry, or just want to treat yourself to some of life’s nicer things, Gemstone Dice make for an amazing addition to any dice collection. 


      A Level Up

      In their raw form, many gemstones look much like any other rock. Others, which are not found in nature at all, have to be created synthetically in a lab. However they are originally found, our gemstone dice sets are cut and polished with care, giving you a perfect look at the unique coloring and formation of each set. 

      You’ll also get a special surprise on the d20’s highest number - a little dragon face, from us to you! A must for any polyhedral dice set


      High ‘Class’ Dice

      Gemstones are valuable in every world - even fantasy ones. If you’re looking to match your set of dice with a character, or match characters with gemstone dice sets, there are plenty of options!

      Wizard Dice

      Wizards are one of the most costly classes to play, and for good reason. High powered spells require components of high value; enchanted weapons must be masterwork. Colorful gemstone dice are right at home in a component pouch! A set like Phoenix Lapis is particularly apt. 

      Noble Dice

      Nobles make up the ruling class of most fantasy worlds - a reflection of real historical societies (and some modern ones, in a way). It's also a fully viable background for your Dungeons and Dragons character! Nobles are wealthy, and prone to displays of wealth as demonstrations of power - elegant sets like Amethyst or Zoisite would be perfect. 

      Bard Dice

      Bards are meant to catch the eye, and little catches the eye better than a glittering gemstone. And a bard’s inherent magic deserves something truly enchanting from their dice - you could try Cat’s Eye or Fluorite sets. 

      Dragon Dice

      The most notable trait of any dragon is their inclination to hoard - sometimes gold, sometimes knowledge, and sometimes gemstones. If you’re playing a dragon character, or just looking to start a truly valuable hoard of your own, you might try out the African Bloodstone set. 

      Genasi Dice

      Genasi, elemental beings connected with the elements of nature, have a pre-established connection to gemstones, which are a part of nature themselves. For an Earth Genasi, Picture Jasper and Snowflake Obsidian are perfect choices, for a Fire Genasi, RedGranite. For a Water or Air Genasi, Cat’s Eye Aqua and Blue Turquoise fit well. 

      Dwarf Dice

      Dwarves, who mine beneath the earth, have a unique relationship with gemstones. For a dwarven character, any gemstone set would be appropriate, but personally, I prefer the looks of Howlite and Web Jasper for a unique combination.