The Ranger Collection

Navigate the lands and slay your favored enemy with tools from the Ranger Collection!

Rangers are a nice mix of utility and combat ability, with plenty of unique skills that benefit the party as a whole. With the nature-themed casting of a Druid, the combat abilities of a Fighter, and the utility of a Rouge, Rangers are a jack of all trades and a great class overall when you want to be a great blend of the Fighter and the Rogue. With their favored enemy and fighting styles, their damage output potential is nothing to laugh at. With one of their main stats being DEX and simple + martial weapon proficiency, they have huge potential while not being game-breaking. Take advantage of that, traveler.

Here in the Ranger collection, you can find many tools of the trade to help boost your DnD journeys to a new level. 

  • The dice featured in the Ranger collection sport the more traditional green shades of the common outlander, as well as our Overworld and Feywild wooden dice. But don't that deter you from other shades as well, my friend. Rangers are a varied bunch. 


  • Need some storage for the journey ahead? Our dice bags and Wooden Hex Dice Boxes are both here for you. Our Dice Giveth dice bags come with ample storage and can be hooked onto a belt as a side pouch to make caring it much easier. Especially when using a bow.


  • Want to add a bit more authenticity to your game? Grab our one of a kind Ranger Class Coins by Norse Foundry. Specially designed and minted to envoke the powers of the wanderer in us all. Here in the ranger collection, you can also find the Elven Coins by Norse Foundry, because Legolas Greenleaf is an inspiration to us all. 


  • Need to take notes to try and figure out what your enemies are planning? Grab an adventurer's journal to keep track of clues. The Wandering journal is a solid choice, but the Druid and Re-Animator Journals are also suitable for any journey you embark on. Made of genuine leather, these journals look great, feel great, and are perfect for keeping track of spells, inventory, locations, and NPCs.

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