An illustration of Sardior, a ruby dragon with red and yellow scales, against a black background. Next to him are the words "Draconic Pantheon part 2" in stylistic font

An oddly enigmatic and forgotten pantheon, the Draconic gods are hugely powerful, but rarely worshiped in the Forgotten Realms. While they were once widely revered, they are now largely reduced to prophecies, which state that a revival of draconic spirituality will usher in a new age altogether.

You can read more about the most commonly worshiped draconic gods, Bahamut, Tiamat, and Asgorath, here: A Brief Overview of the Draconic Pantheon in the Forgotten Realms (part 1)

While most worship of draconic gods comes from non-dragons, who are drawn primarily to those major gods listed above, other deities are not without their worshipers.


Neutral Draconic Gods

There are a large number of draconic deities, many of which can be sorted by alignment, as dragon types are. The following gods as neutral-aligned, rather than being strictly good or evil.


Sardior, Master of the Gem Dragons

An illustration of Sardior, a ruby dragon with yellow and red scales against a black background

Metallic dragons are good, chromatic dragons are evil, and gem dragons, rare as they are, are neutral. And their patron god, Sardior, Prince of Neutral Dragons, also acts as god of night, secrets, and psionic power. In form, he is a ruby dragon with a long and thin body. He’s particularly known for his playfulness and sharp wit. He supposedly died when the Forgotten Realms as they are currently known was destroyed, but it’s believed that his consciousness lives on, and can be reformed by the finding of all of his ‘echoes.’ When he was alive, he encouraged the creation or birth of more psionics to balance out the prevalence of magic in the Realms.

Sardior’s symbol is a glowing ruby. He is True Neutral.


Astilabor, Hoardmistress

An image of Astilabor's holy symbol, a blue shielf with a purple gem on it surrounded by golden sunrays

As the draconic goddess of wealth and acquisition of all kinds, Astilabor governs over the creation of draconic hoards. When she appears, it is like either a topaz greatwyrm or a dragon with all colors that a dragon might have, both metallic and chromatic. This shows clearly her firm neutral alignment, which she requires of her worshippers and allies as well. Goodness detracts from one’s gathering of wealth, after all, but so does evil overstep it.

 Notably, she is not a goddess of greed (that title goes to Tiamat or Task), and views the gathering and collecting as a beneficial activity on its own, while disdaining theft or cruelty in pursuit of it.

Astilabor’s symbol is that of a 12-faceted gemstone. She is True Neutral


Kereska, Wonderbringer

Known as the ‘Light of Magic,’ Kereska is the goddess of draconic magic and creativity. She is said to have taught dragons how to use magic, and interferes with spellcasters with relative frequency for a draconic god, granting extra magic and conflicting with other gods more often than others. However, her neutrality is always absolute, and she grants her power to both good and evil aligned dragons. She has no set appearance, and can take the shape of any dragon at will, though always with an astounding magical aura.

Kereska’s symbol is a 5-pointed star with longer bottom points. She is Chaotic Neutral.


An illustration of Lendys' holy symbol, a golden sword balanced on the tip of a needle on a green shield

Lendys, Scale of Justice

Lendys, frequently worshipped alongside Bahamut and his lover Tamara, is the god of justice, as well as the ultimate judge of a dragon’s behavior. He appears as a platinum dragon with glowing eyes that cannot be hidden from. He is undeniably a harsh god, who ensures that all dragons “reap what they sow,” so to speak, without mercy or actual goodness. He frequently sends his followers, often greatwyrms, to hunt down and punish those dragons who commit crimes against dragonkind.

Lendys’ symbol is that of a sword balanced on the tip of a need, representative of his role as exacting judge of someone’s behavior. He is Lawful Neutral.


Zorquan, the Greatest Wyrm

While all types of dragons have their own patron deities, Zorquan encompasses them all as the god of dragonkind. He has purview over the very essence of draconic identity (that typically being power, pride, and position), whether it is held by true dragons, dragonborn, or any other dragon-like species. He can appear not only as a dragon, but as any draconic race, and furthermore as a perfect specimen thereof.

It is said that he is almost solely responsible for the current lack of draconic spirituality, having added that factor to innate ‘dragon-ness.’ He did so to put an end to the frequent religious wars which nearly wiped out dragonkind from the Forgotten Realms.

Zorquan’s symbol is a black circle on top of a white one. He is True Neutral, although he is said, like Asgorath, to encompass all possible alignments.


Chronepsis, Guardian of the Lost

An illustration of Chronepsis from Planescape, showing a white dragon atop an acorn-looking hoard

While considered to be a unique god in some universes, in the Forgotten Realms, Chronepsis is one distinct aspect of the draconic god of death, Null. In fact, even in the Forgotten Realms, some sources list both aspects as being connected in some way, while others maintain that they really are two separate beings. While some art depicts him as a black or white-ish dragon, he only ever appears as a void in the shape of a dragon, with a croaking, dry voice. He is arrogant, grudging, and humorless, but nevertheless devoted to his duty.

In this role, Chronepsis’ most important duty was to escort draconic souls to the afterlife and protect them from any lingering grudges or enemies. He has temples deep underground, where dragons usually go to die, creating massive piles of dragon bones and corpses, which his followers protect from graverobbers and thieves.

Chronepsis’ symbol is a half-black and half-white circle. He is True Neutral.




 Have you used any of the above gods in a campaign? How did it go? Let us know in the comments below!

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