4th Day of Crit-mas: Dice Bundles and Critical Copper 50% off!

This Friday we have have an extra special sale!


We're both launching our new Dice Bundles, and putting them at 50% off!

The bundles include several sets in a similar style and appearance, wrapped happily in their own velvet bag, perfectly suited to starting a new adventure. You can get them in Blue, Pink, Pastel, and Transparent!


Also, our Critical Copper metal dice set is 50% off!

Sturdy and unbelievably cool-looking, Critical Copper is one of my personal favorite metal sets. Whether you or your loved ones are playing a Dwarf, Warforged, Dragonborn, Artificer, or any other number of types of D&D characters, these dice are an excellent gift idea!

No coupon needed! This sale lasts until December 17, or while supplies last. 

Start Shopping here: Bundles and Critical Copper

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