Earn Gold and Redeem for Wares on D20Collective.com

We think we have the best rewards program in the business.  Don't believe us?  Take a look at the ways to earn below.  Stockpile Gold and redeem them for great DnD Dice and other TTRPG gear.

Ways to Earn

  1. Sign up for our Rewards Program - 200 Gold Pieces
    Click the "Get Rewards" widget on the bottom left corner of the page. Points are awarded automatically.
  2. Follow on Facebook & Instagram - 150 Gold Pieces
    Get 50 and 100 points respectively for following on each platform. Make sure to use the links from the "Get Rewards widget so they're added automatically. If they are not, just email us and we will add them.
  3. Leave a Review - 250 Gold Pieces
    Leave a photo review on our site and get 250 Gold Pieces.  Just a review gets you 150.
  4. Earn an additional 5 Gold for Every $1 Spent on D20Collective.com
    There is no limit to the amount earned. Redeem and spend for products when you want.
  5. Celebrate a Birthday - 200 Gold Pieces
    Get an additional 200 Gold for celebrating with us. Happy birthday to you!
  6. Refer a Friend - 200 Gold Pieces
    Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase.  They get 10% off and you get 200 Gold.

Ways to Redeem

Redeem any time for coupons to be used on anything in our store.

  • $5 Off Coupon - 500 Gold 
  • $10 Off Coupon - 1000 Gold
  • $20 Off Coupon - 1750 Gold
  • $65 Off Coupon - 5000 Gold
DnD Dice Sets

DnD Dice Sets

Equip yourself traveler! Metal, Gemstone, Resin, and Wood dice sets available. 7 Piece, 11 Piece, 14 Piece. Limited edition sets available. Over 300 different sets of dice to chose from. Get the perfect set for for any DnD character or other TTRPG game.



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